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Reasons to Rent ESD Test Equipment

For many small companies and startups, having the right equipment to complete ESD testing can be a problem. Often these companies are tempted to save the cost of new ESD test equipment by turning to used equipment on the market.

The two most common ways to buy this equipment is through online auctions or used equipment websites. The problem with both of these options is that it is a buyer beware type of purchase, with the online auctions from private sellers being the riskiest of them all.

To help understand why we don't recommend the purchase of used ESD test equipment, here are a few of the issues we hear about all the time. Often our customers for equipment rentals have tried this option to cut costs, only winding up with junk equipment and a delay in their testing schedule.

Equipment Use History is Unknown

Virtually all online auctions and ads are going to say the "equipment is like new" or "only used occasionally." However, the looks of the equipment and how often it has been used doesn't reflect if the testing equipment has been used correctly, maintained according to manufacturer's recommendations or if it has been repaired in the past.

Overall System Performance and Accuracy is Unknown

Accuracy issues with equipment can occur at any point in time. This is often related to the issues mentioned above such as incorrect use, poor maintenance schedules or simply technicians that didn't properly care for the equipment.

If the equipment is off even slightly in the results provided, it can create extensive problems when the components or the system are exposed to electrostatic discharge in another testing facility or real-world applications.

By renting from Transient Specialists, Inc. it is possible to save money and rent only for the period you require the ESD test equipment. We always verify all equipment we rent is in top working condition, is accurate and has been maintained to the exacting schedule recommended by the manufacturer.