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Thermo Fisher/Keytek - Immunity Test Systems

Overview - Test System & E103

The ECAT system, is a test system that is designed or a variety of different EMC testing applications. It uses a control module, also known as the "controller" or E103, to manipulate the testing parameters and conduct testing. This is done through front panel display and touch keys below and to the right of the screen. It is designed by Thermo Fischer Scientific or previously known as Keytek.ECAT E103 "control unit" Front

This intuitive front panel design is easy to operate and can easily manage a variety of testing modules. These testing modules provide a wide variety of testing needs within the platform. The modules slide into the housing below the control unit. This can be seen in the image below and allows for easy interchange of networks.

ECAT E103 Rental - Side showing open bay

This versatile electromagnetic compatibility testing system can be expanded to house a large number of module by adding additional housing units below the E103 control unit. This allows the system to achieve several interchangeable testing capabilities in a single unit.

Changing modules/networks is a simple process. All that is needed to be done is remove the safety bar in the front of the unit, then slide in the desired unit upon the rails. Once the unit is in place, it is important to ensure a good connection with the control unit. With the unit in place and connection established, a few screws hold the unit in place and bar on the front replaced. 

ECAT Multiple test modules setup

ECAT Modules/Networks

The modules, or networks are the slide in test system that provide the capabilities for a diverse set of testing parameters. These test systems cover many immunity requirements including IEC 61000-4-5, IEC 61000-4-4, and many others. Given the dated nature of these test generators, they are an ideal cost efficient solution. Additional information about these any additional Keytek/Thermo Fischer test equipment can be found by clicking here.

Repairs, Calibrations, & Supprot

For service with ECAT test systems, MPrecision labs is an ideal solution. Often times, additional components and board can be purchased on the used market. Given the large time frame of production, it is crucial that when considering a used purchase it is important to find out when the equipment was manufactured.

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