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Transient Specialists has a full line of ESD Test Equipment

ESD testing per IEC 61000-4-2 or EN 61000-4-2 requires a 150 pf / 330 ohm discharge network.  IEC 61000-4-2 and EN 61000-4-2 also have a proscribed set-up that involves both a vertical and a horizontal coupling plane.  The most common ESD test equipment is a 15kV esd gun with the 150pf / 330 ohm discharge network.  All the ESD gun models we carry will perform to this level.  Many of them, like the EMC Partner ESD 3000 and the EM Test dito, have pre-programmed testing functions.  The NSG 435 and Thermo Fischer Scientific (formerly Keytek) Minizap (MZ-15) are simple, compact ESD test system solutions. 

The Teseq NSG 437 auto – A New ESD gun rental option

Automotive ESD test equipment must have the capability of switching out discharge networks for the 4 different waveshapes required by many of the automotive EMC standards.  Transient Specialists carries the EMC Partner ESD 3000 gun with all 4 of the automotive networks to 30kV.  We are excited to announce a new option for automotive ESD gun rental, the Teseq NSG 437 – Auto.  It will also perform all 4 of the automotive waveshapes to 30kV.

Military ESD test equipment has several different waveshape requirements depending on the standard being meet.  The EMC Partner ESD 3000 has many of the discharge networks that can be required when testing to military ESD test standards, including the DM-4, a 100 pf / 1500 ohm discharge network for Mil Std 883.

Whatever your ESD test equipment requirement, Transient Specialists has the ESD equipment that you require at a good price and with prompt delivery.  Give us a call with your EMC test equipment rental requirements!