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10µs/700µs & Telecom Pulse Generators

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EM Test NX7 Telecom - Front Side Laptop SoftwareEM Test NX7 Telecom - Front
EM Test NX7 bsprt-1-400-32 - Rent Telecom Transient Generator
  • 7kV Surge & Ringwave, 5.5kV EFT, Telecom10x700μs
  • Built-in CDN 300V/16Amps & External Rental Couplers
  • Variety of CDNs & Dips Transformer V4780 S2
ISO 17025 Calibrated
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EMC Pro Plus Thermo Fisher - Front SIdeEMCPro Plus Thermo Fisher Scientific Front
Keytek EMC Pro Plus - Rent Surge and EFT Immunity Tester
  • 6kV Surge & Ringwave , 4.4kV EFT, & Dips System
  • Built-in CDN 250V/16Amps AC & 100V/10Amps DC
  • IEC 61000-4-4/-5/-11 & Optional 10x700μs Board
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ECAT E508 - FrontECAT E508 - Side
Keytek ECAT E508 - Bellcore 10x360µs Telecom Surge
  • ECAT Module Compliant to GR-1089-Core
  • Controlled Via E103 System Interface
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Keytek ECAT E506-4W Module FrontThermo Fisher Scientific Keytek ECAT E506-4W Module Side
Keytek ECAT E506-4W Rental - Bellcore 2x10µs Telecom Surge
  • ECAT 2x10µs to 5kV, 500 Amps Maximum
  • E506-4W, E508 & E509 Telecom Modules
Sale price $4,000
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ECAT E502 B Front Thermo Fisher Scientific / KeytekECAT E502 B Side Thermo Fisher Scientific / Keytek
ECAT E502B - 10x700µs Telecom Surge Rental
  • ECAT Module for Telecom Surge Compliance
  • ITU-T K.20, ITU-T K.21, FCC part 68 & ITU-T k.17
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ECAT Test System - Front
Keytek ECAT GR-1089-CORE Telecom Immunity System
  • GR-1089-CORE Pulse Generator
  • ECAT E103, E506-4W, E509, & E508
  •  10x360µs,10x1000µs, and 2x10µs Pulses
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Thermo Keytek E509 10x1000 telecom surge module for the ECAT system
Keytek ECAT E509A - Bellcore GR-1089-CORE 10/1000us Network
  • 1.5kV 10/1000us Pulse Generator Module
  • Compliant Test Solution GR-1089-CORE
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