AS0860-25 Rental - Milmega Amplifier 800MHz-6GHz, 25W

Linear Broadband Power Amplifier

AS0860-25 Rental - Milmega Amplifier 800MHz-6GHz, 25W

Broadband Power Amplifier Features

      • Milmega Linear Broadband Power Amplifier 
      • 800Mhz-6Ghz 25 Watts Class A Operation
      • Mismatch tolerant and unconditionally stable
      • Calibrated Dual Directional Coupler fitted as standard
      • Free Technical Support & 2 Days Free Transit
      • Ethernet, USB, RS232 & GPIB fitted as standard
      • Turnkey Solution - Arrives Ready for Testing!


The AS0860 amplifier has the frequency range of 800MHz to 6GHz up to 25 watts and be controlled via front panel or with a laptop or computer. This test equipment can be easily integrated into Teseq, EM Test, and Milmega product setups. It is designed to ensures that the amplifier will continue to operate at full power even when presented with an open or short circuit at its output. The frequency ranges and power make it a great solution for Telecom, Instrumentation, and many other applications.

This EMC test equipment is powered from a high efficiency power supply with a high power factor and wide range of voltage operations.The unit is air-cooled with integral fans, is protected against faulty cooling by excess temperature sensing. A safety interlock connector is provided, which the user can short circuit to ground, to put the amplifier into standby mode. 

Our amplifiers provide turnkey solutions coming with required cords and accessories. The front panel display provides immediate results and allows for quick modification of testing parameters. It also provides operational status and heatsink temperature. To supplement testing requirements we also offer a variety of other antennas and amplifiers making Transient Specialists the go-to resource for rentals.

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