Wavecontrol WP400 Field Probe- Rent 1Hz-400kHz H/E-Field Probe

Wavecontrol WP400 Probe:

  • Magnetic & Electric Field Measurement Probe
  • H-Field & E-Field Frequency 1Hz- 400kHz
  • Max Range 100kV/m & 10mT;  Noise (< 4 mV/m)
  • Must be used the Wavecontrol SMP2 Meter
  • Current ISO 17025 Cal & 2 Days Free Transit Time


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Waveguide EMF Equipment



The Wavecontrol WPH-DC field probe is designed for use with the SMP2 meter for H-field/Magnetic field measurement up to 40kHz. This probe with the meter provides both Static and time-variable fields as welll as Isotropic & True RMS measurement. This probe can be rented individuallly or with a meter for a complete test system.

Data Sheet


FFT Mode:

Measurement range Electric: 4 mV/m – 100 kV/m


Magnetic:  0.5 nT - 10 mT (100 Hz - 10 kHz)

SPAN (Resolution) Frequency analysis, total field and axis


Noise Level

< 4 mV/m & < 0.5 nT

FFT 1024 point FFT
Isotropy ± 5 % & ± 4 %

Typical Uncertainty

0.67 dB 0.60 dB
Probe size
280 mm x 128 mm Ø

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