Keysight E4416A Single Channel Meter & Sensor Rental

Keysight E4416A Power Meter:

  • Single-channel 5 MHz Video Bandwidth
  • 20 Msamples/s Continuous Sampling Rate
  • Rented with E9300B Average Power Sensor 
  • Ideal for CW Power Measurements (IEC 61000-4-3)

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Keysight E4416A Power Meter:

      • Single-channel 5 MHz Video Bandwidth
      • Variety of Different Associated Sensors 
      • 20 Msamples/s continuous sampling rate
      • Rented with E9300B Average Sensor 18GHz
      • Rented Individually or with Radiated System
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The EPM-P Series power meters operate with the E9320 Series peak-and-average power sensors for testing various complex modulation formats in wireless communication systems, such as TDMA and CDMA. The Single-channel E4416A and a variety of different power sensors making it an ideal choice for a variety of different testing criteria. 

Data SheetE9300B Data Sheet


Keysight E4416A

Video bandwidth

5 MHz

Sampling rate

20 Msamples/s continuous


Peak, average, peak-to-average ratio
E9300B  Average Power Sensor

Frequency Range

10 MHz to 18 GHz

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