INA 4381 - 150pF/2kΩ ISO 10605 Automotive Network

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Teseq INA 4381 Automotive Network:

  • 150pF/2kΩ ISO 10605 Automotive Network
  • Used along with the NSG 437/438

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The INA 4381 is an 150pF/2kΩ for electrostatic discharge testing for ISO 10605 and many other Automotive ESD testing. This DN is designed to be used with the NSG 437 or the NSG 438 ESD simulators. Transient Specialists is the only authorized sale partner of Teseq/EM Test ESD simulators and accessories in the United States. These can be ordered with purchases of new equipment or order individually to supplement existing testing capabilities. 


Common Standards

ISO 10605



  INA 4584


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