S251-300 Rental - IFI Amplifier 800MHz-2.5Ghz, 300W

Solid State Power Amplifier

S251-300 Rental - IFI Amplifier 800MHz-2.5Ghz, 300W

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IFI Microwave Power Amplifier Features 

      • 800MHz-2.5Ghz 300 Watts Capabilities 
      • RF Sample Port, RF Input/Output on the Front Panel
      • Free Technical Support & 2 Days Free Transit
      • Gain Control Local & Remote, 30dB range
      • RPIB IEEE 488 & RS232 Remote Control
      • Turnkey Solution - Arrives Ready for Testing!


The IFI S251-300 allows for up to 300W within the frequency range of 800MHz-2GHz. This solid state, rugged amplifier is designed for use for a variety of applications with communication features needed for today’s automated test systems. The durability of this system is also apparent in the variety of protection including VSWR, over-current, voltage protection, and airflow sensors for the module and the system level.

This EMC (electromagnetic comparability) test equipment allows for easy integration with preexisting testing systems. It is often included in test setups with associated Teseq and IFI products including the NSG 4070 and ITS 6006. Reverse and forward power as well as, diagnostic information can be seen immediate through the front panel screen. 

Our Amplifiers provide turnkey solutions coming with required cords and accessories. The inbuilt fan speed automatically adjusts according to the heatsink temperature ensuring the minimum audio noise level. To supplement testing, we also rent many other amplifiers including the AS0860-50 (800Mhz-6Ghz 50W) and CBA 1G-600B (80MHz-2Ghz 600W).


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