Cal Test CT4079 - Rent 15 kV Differential Probe

HV Differential Probes:

  • Up to ±15 kV /±1.5 kV Differential or Common
  • 50 MHz bandwidth, Attenuation of 200x or 2000x
  • Ideal for High Voltage Surge Pulse Verification
  • Rented with Teseq NSG 3150 Test System
  • Captures Pulse Risetime of 7 nanoseconds

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Verification/Monitoring Devices



Use the CT4079-NA 50-MHz differential probe to make safe and accurate floating measurements with an oscilloscope. The CT4079-NA differential probe allows conventional earth-grounded oscilloscopes to be used for floating signal measurements of up to ±15 kV for both differential and common mode voltage. User applications include: Precise power semiconductor device measurements, switching power supply design, measurement of power converters and precise measurement of motor drives.

Data SheetUser Manual- CDNs


Electrical Specifications



Active Differential

Rise Time 

7 ns


50 MHz


Accuracy ±2%
AC CMRR -80 dB @ 60 Hz
-60 dB @ 100 Hz
-50 dB @ 1 MHz
Input Impedance Between inputs: 40 MΩ // 1.3 pF
Each input to ground: 20 MΩ // 2.6 pF

Input Voltage: Differential Voltage (DC+peak AC)


±1.5 V/±15 kV


Input Voltage: Common-Mode Voltage (DC+peak AC) ±15 kV or 11 kVrms
Input Voltage: Absolute Max. Voltage (DC+peak AC) ±15 kV or 11 kVrms
Output Voltage: Swing ±8 V (±4 V into 50 Ω load)
Output Voltage: Source Impedance (Typ.) 50 Ω



Power Supply External 9 VDC power supply
Power Consumption 200 mA about (9 VDC)
Operating Temperature/Humidity 0° to +50° C / 10% to 85% RH
Storage Temperature/Humidity -30° to +70° C / 10% to 90% RH
Cable Length 100 cm (separate lead)
Input Leads Length 60 cm  (separate leads)
Weight 350 g
Dimensions 220 mm x 85 mm x 30 mm

Packing List/Accessories

Kit contains:

  • Differential probe
  • (2) HV Pincer clips, black & red
  • (2) Alligator clips, black & red
  • (2) HV Banana plug leads, black & red
  • Insulated BNC cable
  • Power adapter
  • User manual

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