EM Test CDN S15 - Rent 15 Shielded Line RF CDN

EM Test RF CDN Data Lines:

  • Frequency 150 kHz - 230 MHz
  • Up to 15 Lines/Pins, Max Current 1.5Amps
  • Rented Invidually or with RF System

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Conducted RF CDN Features 

      • Frequency: 10 kHz – 230 MHz
      • Input Power rating: 100 watts
      • Maximum AC Power 100 V /1.5 A
Data Sheet


Common Standards

EN IEC 61000-4-6

No. of Lines

15 shielded lines

Maximum AC Power

100 V /1.5 A


150 kHz to 230 MHz

Connection to EUT

D Sub connector (15)

Connection to AE

D Sub  connectors (15)

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