Schwarzbeck NNBM 8124 - 5uH 200Amp DC Automotive LISN

Schwarzbeck 5μH DC LISN/AN:

  • Max 200Amp 1kV DC Automotive LISN 
  • Compliant Emissions CISPR 25/16 & ISO 7637-2 
  • Ideal for Autmotive Applications (Including BCI)
  • Optional 10μF Feed Thru Capacitors Available
  • BNC Female Connector & 1μF Capacitor Switch


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DC 5µH Emissions Equipment



The main application of the unsymmetrical single path AMN (artificial mains network) NNBM 8124-200 is the measurement of interference voltage in vehicles, aircrafts and ships in the HF-VHF range 0.1 – 150 MHz. The NNBM 8124-200 can also be used for bulk current injection (BCI) testing or for transient measurements according to ISO 7637-2.

The impedance characteristic is realized according to CISPR 16 / 25 and MIL-STD-461F (5 µH + 1 Ω) || 50 Ω. With the optional external capacitor CAP 10-200 it can be used for DO-160 and DEF-STAN-59 as well.The continuous current rating is 200 A, for short time more than 280 A are possible. The EuT is connected to the wing terminals at the front panel. The mains terminals are on the backside.

Data Sheet


Common Standards

CISPR 16-1-2, Annex D2, D3 CISPR 25 MIL-STD-461F ISO 7637-2 Transients ISO 11452-4 BCI DO-160 (Airborne equipm.) DEF-STAN-59 ECE R10

Frequency Range:

100 kHz – 150 MHz

Max. con. current:

200 A

Max. current (limited time):

280 A

Max. voltage DC:

1000 V

Max. voltage 50/60 Hz:

400 V

Max. voltage 400 Hz:

300 V


(5 µH + 1 Ω) || 50 Ω ±10 %

Resistance of coil:

< 5 mΩ

Impedance at 50Hz:

4.2 mΩ

Impedance at 400 Hz:

wing terminals, 7 mm

RF output:

BNC (optional N)

width x height x depth

160 mm x 165 mm x 210 mm

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