TekBox TBCP2-CAL - Calibration Fixture 32mm

TekBox 32mm Calibration Fixture

  • Calibration Fixture Designed for TBCP-2
  • Diameter Inside 32mm Probe
  • Rented with TBCP-2 for Verification
  • Required for a Vareity of Measurements

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RF current probe calibration fixtures are used in combination with a Vector Network Analyzer or Spectrum Analyzer equipped with tracking generator in order to measure the transfer impedance of RF current monitoring probes. Every Tekbox RF current monitoring probes is shipped together with a corresponding calibration sheet containing the transfer impedance values vs frequency. Consequently there is no acute need to acquire a calibration fixture together with the probe. Calibration fixtures can be used for periodic inspection of the probes or for health checks, in case that a probe dropped and there is suspect that its ferrite core may have suffered damage Data Sheet

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