EM Test MFT 100 - Rent 1,000 A/m Magnetic Field Transformer

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EM Test Current Transformer:

  • Maximum Level up to 1,200 A/m
  • Input Voltage Drives H-Field Level
  • Used with External Power Source
  • Frequency Range 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Can be Rented with Magnetic Coil

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The MFT 100 is used for high magnetic fields from 80 A/m up to 1000 A/m. The transformer is rated for constant current of 250 A. An internal overtemperature sensor will protect the transformer. Cause off high primary current a contactor switches on and off the current. This switch can be operated from the compact NX5/NX7 or NSG 3040A/3060A, while the current connection is direct from the motor variac (variac NX1-260-16 or VAR 3005A-S16). There are 2 versions available: MFT 100-120 for 120 V power supply and MFT 100-230 for 230 V power supply, both devices are optically identical.

Data Sheet


Input Voltage  230 Volts Maximum

Power Requirements 

120 Volts 

Maximum Level

1,2000 A/m

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