ESD3000 DN2 330pF/2KΩ 30kV Rental - ISO 10605 ESD

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EMC Partner ESD3000 DN2:

  • Air Discharge & Contact Discharge - 30kV (100V Steps)
  • ISO 10605 Solution, 330pF/2kΩ Network
  • Load/Save Predefined & Customized Tests
  • Current ISO 17025 Cal & 2 Days Free Transit Time

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ESD Gun Features

      • Air Discharge & Contact-discharge - 30kV (100V Steps)
      • Rent & Buy Used - Lease Options Available
      • ISO 10605 Solution, 330pF/2kΩ Network
      • Load/Save Predefined & Customized Tests
      • Programmable level- and polarity ramp
      • All Rentals - ISO 17025 Cal & 2 Days Transit Time


The DN-2 (330pF/2KΩ) network by EMC Partner with the ESD 3000 a hand-held, lightweight, electrostatic discharge gun for air and contact discharge to 30kV. The DN2 Resistance Capacitance (RC) Network allows for testing with 330pF/2kΩ and requires the RM32 for all testing. A2LA accredited calibration and technical support is included in the rental equipment price.

EMC Partner software comes with this Automotive EMC Test Equipment allowing for remote control and reports to be generated. The design of the interface for the ESD3000 DN 2 offers the user a quick way to change test parameters with one hand. To facilitate additional testing capabilities this simulator allows networks to be easily removed by loosing bottom nob and removing/adding networks. The ESD gun can be easily mounted on a tripod allowing for long duration tests to be easy accomplished without user fatigue.

This electrostatic discharge test equipment can be run with AA batteries or rechargeable battery pack. Electronic polarity reversal, including alternating polarity, can also be accomplished by the simulator. The networks capabilities allow for testing to ISO 10605, JASO, SAE J1113, TR 10605 and other automotive specs to 30kV.

Data Sheet User Manual


Common Standards

ISO 10605, JASO, SAE J1113

TR 10605FMC 1278GMW 3097

Voltage Range Air Discharge       

± 2kV to 30kV

Voltage Range Contact Mode

± 2kV to 30kV

RC Network

330 pf/ 2K ohm



Repetition Rate

Single shot mode, variable 0.05 to 30s


voltage and polarity

Battery Recharge Time

10 x UM-3/AA batteries

Useable during recharge



870 grams, 1.9 pounds


40x7.6x7.6 cm, 19x3x3 inches

Packing List/Accessories

Buy Used ESD3000 ESD Simulators & Accessories

There are a variety of testing accessories that are included with the simulator itself and that are available for purchase.

Take advantage of 60 warranty no available on Ebay.


Included with standard rental/purchase of ESD Simulator:

    • ESD Simulator/Gun
    • Network (DN) or Module (DM)
    • Calibration Documentation
    • RM3 Module (only for 30kV)
    • Air Discharge Tip
    • Contact Discharge tip
    • Metal Sphere (only for 30kV)
    • Ground Cable with Clamp
    • Battery Charger
    • Power Cord
    • HTE0600 (only for 30kV)
    • 10 AA Rechargeable Batteries (Installed)
    • User Manual
    • Calibration Certificate
    • Rs 232 Connector
    • White Case 


Transient Specialists: ESD Simulator Comparison 

Description: This overview video provides a comparison or review, of a variety of simulators for IEC 61000-4-2. It mentions

features of Mz-15 Minizap, Dito, ESD3000, and NSG 435 including setup and advantages for each. This video covers ESD

testers designed for IEC 61000-4-2 (150pF/330Ohm network) to 16kV.s Some considerations discussed include scree,

modifying testing parameters, used market considerations, and others. 

HV Technologies: ESD Tester Demonstration 

Description: This overview video, by HV Technologies, describes how to use the ESD3000 ESD Gun. It walks through

how you will receive the test equipment, including accessories, then how to manipulate testing parameters with

the touch screen. Finally, it shows how to change or add different networks or test accessories to the simulator.

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