This series of generic immunity standards are referenced by many EMC immunity product standards. The EMC test equipment includes ESD guns, EFT generators, lightning surge generators, and 100khz ringwave surges, mostly conducted through a power line or transmission line.  These EMC rentals are available at weekly and monthly rates.  Most of our EMC equipment includes accredited calibrations - ISO 17025 or A2LA.

EN IEC 61000-4-X

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Network DM1 - Discharge Network (150pf/ 330ohm) for the ESD3000 ESD Simulator

The  DM 1 (Discharge Module 1) by EMC Partner provides 150 pf/ 330 Ω Resistance Capacitance (RC) network for air discharge to 16kV and contact mode to 10kV. The discharge network requires the ESD 3000 unit to be used which is priced separately. A2LA accredited calibration is included in the EMC rental equipment price. The DM 1 DN allows for testing to standards to EN IEC 61000-4-2, ANSI C63.16and many others.

  • 1 Week Rental $100.00
  • 1 Month Rental $200.00
  • Used Purchase $2,190.00


MZ-15 - Minizap ESD Simulator to 15kV air discharge, 8kV contact mode

The MZ15 ESD gun by Thermo Keytek allows for air discharge to 15kV and contact mode ESD to 8kV with simple, intuitive operation. A2LA accredited calibration is included in the EMC rental equipment price. These light weight durable ESD testers lend themselves well to long-term use in harsh environments in the field. 

The MiniZap allows for easy manipulation to meet the standards of EN IEC 61000-4-2,  ANSI C63.16, and others through manipulation output voltage selection and pulse repetition rate selector knobs. The interchangeable plug-in tips allow for testing to different standards with this ESD test equipment. The polarity can be switched on the MZ 15 tester by switching the output polarity selection on the side of the equipment. 

The MiniZap ESD Simulator does not use a voltage multiplier, and won’t introduce testing errors and uncertainties due to streams of artificial, high-level ESD multiples generated by a human discharge or by other ESD simulators. The MZ 15 is easily mounted on a tripod allowing for tests to be ran consecutively without user fatigue. Real time voltage is displayed via the actual output voltage indicator with accuracy typically at +/- 3% for this Keytek product. 

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A NSG435 - ESD Simulator to 16.5kV air, 9kV contact, 150 pf/330 ohm

The NSG 435 by Teseq is a hand-held electrostatic discharge gun for air discharge to 16.5kV and contact mode to 9kV. The NSG435 ESD gun rental includes an A2LA accredited calibration included in the EMC rental equipment price. This product comes standard with 150 pF/330 Ω discharge network for testing to IEC 61000-4-2 and other EMC testing standards.

The pistol-shaped NSG 435 ESD Simulator is designed to sit comfortably in the operator’s hand, with current operating conditions constantly displayed and clearly visible. It also allows for use in environments without easily accessible power supplies where other EMC test equipment require additional consideration.  The user-selected test parameters are shown on the LCD panel and easily adjusted with the keypad. 

NSG 435’s microprocessor-based controller and multifunction keypad provide the operator with instant access to its comprehensive range of built-in functions. The product comes with IEC 61000-4-2 and ANSI C63.16 test settings pre-programmed to allow for tests to be run efficiently. The voltage can also be programmed from 200 V to 16.5kV depending on your EMC testing requirements.


  • Rental 1 Week $295.00
  • Rental 1 Month $595.00


ESD3000 DN1 - ESD Simulator With 150 pf/ 330 ohm Network To 30kV Air and Contact

The DN-1 by EMC Partner with the ESD 3000 is a hand-held, lightweight, electrostatic discharge gun for air and contact discharge to 30kV. The DN-1 Resistance Capacitance (RC) Network allows for testing with 150pF / 330Ω requiring the RM32 for all testing. A2LA accredited calibration is included in the rental equipment price.

EMC Partner software comes with the ESD Equipment rental allowing for remote control and reports to be generated. The design of the interface for the ESD3000 DN 1 offers the user a quick way to change test parameters with one hand. The ESD gun can be easily mounted on a tripod allowing for long duration tests to be easy accomplished without user fatigue.

The EMC Partner test equipment can be run with AA batteries or rechargeable battery pack. Electronic polarity reversal, including alternating polarity, is provided with the ESD3000. The 30kV discharge allows for testing past the required voltages of many standards including EN IEC 61000-4-2, ANSI C63.16 and many others.

  • Rental 1 Week $495.00
  • Rental 1 Month $990.00
  • Used Purchase $12,885.00


RC Network DN1 - Discharge Network (150 pf/ 330 ohm) For The ESD3000 ESD Simulator

The DN 1 by EMC Partner is a 150 pf/ 330 ohm Resistance Capacitance (RC) network for air discharge and contact mode to 30kV. The discharge network requires the ESD 3000 and RM32 to be used which are priced separately. A2LA accredited calibration included in the EMC rental equipment price. The DN-1 network allows for testing to standards to EN IEC 61000-4-2, ANSI C63.16, and many others.

  • Rental 1 Week $150.00
  • Rental 1 Month $300.00
  • Used Purchase $2,190.00


A NX5 - EFT To 5.5kV And Surge to 5kV With Built-in 16 Amp. Single Phase Coupler

The EM Test  NX 5EMI test generator to 5.5kV EFT and 5kV surge with a built-in 16 A single phase coupler. A2LA accredited calibration is included in the EMC rental equipment price. It is the most versatile tester to address transient and power fail requirements for both international and commercial standards. 

This Immunity Test Generator includes an easy-to-use color touch screen allow for efficiently changing of testing parameters. It can be operated manually from the intuitive front touch screen or remotely via its built-in Ethernet, USB or optical interface. The NX 5 provides an economical solution for pre-compliance immunity testing as well as full-compliance testing.

This product includes many reprogrammed test routines ideal for testing to EN IEC 61000-4-4, EN IEC 61000-4-5, EN IEC 61000-4-11 and CE Mark. Its internal single-phase Coupling/Decoupling Network (CDN) can be extended for testing three-phase EUTs by means of an automatically controlled external CDN up to 200 A per phase. With separate power mains supply inputs, it allows the utilization of different EUT supply voltages for maximum flexibility.


CAS 3025 Burst/EFT Pulse Verification Kit

The Teseq CAS3025 burst/EFT pulse verification kit has been specially designed to comply with the new requirements of IEC/EN 61000-4-4:2004 to enable EMC engineers to verify their burst/EFT test generators periodically. Many EMC standards call for a verification of the test equipment before and after every test session. If the verification shows differing results, no valid test results can be assumed and the test equipment has to be re-calibrated.



CDN 3425 Burst/EFT Coupling Clamp

The Teseq CDN3425 (Teseq CCL) main purpose is to couple Burst/EFT pulses to data lines. It can also be used to couple to mains lines where no CDN is available; for example, high current lines >200 A. A2LA accredited calibration is included in the EMC rental equipment price.

The new design is fully compliant with the specifications of IEC 61000-4-4 Ed 2.0 2004, as well as with the draft of IEC 61000-4-4  Ed 3.0 to be published in 2012.This model also replaces earlier models CDN 8014 and CDN 8015.The coupling capacitance between the coupling clamp and the cable laid in it depends on the cable characteristics. 


DIP 116 Automatic Dips Single Phase Transformer at 40/70/80%

The DIP116 by Haefely (in conjunction with Axos5 & Axos8) is an automatic dips single phase transformer and can be used to simulate power supply failures as Voltage Dips and Interrupts at 0/40/70/80[%] of AC Voltage input. A2LA accredited calibration is included in the EMC rental equipment price.

This Dips and Interrupts tester is designed as an accessory that is compatible with the AXOS series (Axos 5 & Axos 8). This product requires an individual connection to an outside power source. Following the setup with related Axos product it can via the menu option of "Voltage Dips".

The DIP 116 is compliant to EN IEC 61000-4-11.Voltage dips and short interruptions are caused by faults in the network. These are primarily short circuits in installations or by sudden, large changes in load. In certain cases, two or more consecutive dips or interruptions may occur.

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