Cost Effective ESD Testing Solutions - Teseq, EMC Partner, EM Test, & Keytek
Cost Effective ESD Testing Solutions - Teseq, EMC Partner, EM Test, & Keytek
ESD simulator rentals, as known as ESD guns, provide a cost-efficient solution for electrostatic discharge testing, limiting capital required to complete testing. This type of EMC test equipment duplicates the release of electrical energy between two objects that have a potentially different voltage. This discharge can be caused by built up static electricity and often times can create a visible spark. Electrostatic Discharge is a key element of electromagnetic immunity testing. Common testing standards include EN/IEC 61000-4-2, MIL-STD-883, ISO 10605, and ANSI C63.16. We carry a diverse set discharge networks including automotive, military/avionic, and human body model testing to facilitate customer testing requirements.

There are two different methods for testing for ESD, air and contact. All of our ESD generator rentals provide tips for both air and contact testing. The contact testing method maintains constant physical contact between the simulator and the EUT during discharge. This method is preferred by many standards as it eliminates environmental factors such as humidity and temperature. IEC 61000-4-2 states "Contact discharge is the preferred test method. Air discharges shall be used where contact discharge cannot be applied."  The air discharge testing method is accomplished when moving the simulator towards the EUT until discharge. This method is the most common in field testing environments as it most closely simulates the real-world phenomenon. Testing is also done using both the positive and negative polarities. ESD Test Equipment Waveform - IEC 61000-4-2 Waveform
Electrostatic discharge is a commonly occurring electrical event and is mentioned and tested to by a wide variety of standards. Many standards have different criteria for replicating this discharge, often similar categories of testing have comparable requirements. These requirements were developed taking into consideration the given environment of the equipment under test. Often times, these require special consideration when considering choosing the most effective simulator to complete testing. We provide ESD simulator/ESD gun rentals for the list standards shown in the table below. Automotive testing requires special consideration given the many manufacturer standards and requirements. ESD Simulator Networks, Test Levels, and Related Standards  
ESD simulators duplicate this discharge and waveform allowing for testing of equipment to ensure functionality in anticipated environment. We offer a variety of simulators for rent each having benefits depending on testing needs. However, the majority of simulators have three major components a discharge tip, the unit holding electronics, and the power supply. Some configurations require a cord that ties directly to the power supply while others provide a cordless option. We also offer different ranges in voltages that can go up to 30kV. We offer from rentals from all the major suppliers including Teseq, EM Test, EMC Partner, and Thermo-Keytek. Our EMC test equipment rental customers have the ability to both rent and purchase these products online via our website. All our electrostatic discharge test equipment comes with an A2LA accredited. ESD Simulator/ESD Gun rental Simplified Diagram

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Thermo Keytek MZ-15 - Keytek Minizap ESD Simulator

The Keytek MZ-15 ESD simulator by Thermo Fischer Scientific allows for air discharge to 15kV and contact mode to 8kV with simple, intuitive operation. A2LA accredited calibration is included in the EMC rental equipment price. The MZ-15 also known as the Keytek Minizap, is light weight and durable lending itself well to long-term use in harsh environments in the field. It is also one of the more well-known simulators, the design remaining almost uncharged over 20 years.

This electrostatic discharge generator is ideal for testing to EN IEC 61000-4-2, ANSI C63.16, and others through manipulation output voltage selection and pulse repetition rate selector knobs. The interchangeable plug-in tips allow for testing to different standards. The polarity can be switched on the test equipment by switching the output polarity selection on the side of the equipment. 

The Minizap ESD simulator does not use a voltage multiplier, and won’t introduce testing errors and uncertainties due to streams of artificial, high-level ESD multiples generated by a human discharge or by other simulators. The Keytek simulator is easily mounted on a tripod allowing for tests to be ran consecutively without user fatigue. Real time voltage is displayed via the actual output voltage indicator with accuracy typically at +/- 3% for this product. 

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