T188-250 Amplifier - IFI Amp. 7.5Ghz - 18Ghz, 250W

IFI 250 Watt TWT Microwave Amplifier:

  • 7.5 GHz - 18 GHz 250 Watts Psat (min)
  • Microwave TWT Power Amplifier 
  • 125 Watts Power P1dB (min)
  • Ideal for MIL-STD-461 & DO-160 Tests
  • Rugged and Modular Design

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The IFI T188-250 Amplifier which can produce 250W in the 7.5GHz to 18GHz frequency range. These are "state of the art" and have field proven reliability and unsurpassed performance as the best in the industry. This test system makes an excellent solution for RF immunity testing for a variety of applications including military, automotive, and aerospace applications.

This test equipment has a backlit LCD display allowing for easy modification of testing parameters. This screen shows forward/reverse power indication, system status, and self-diagnostic information. The selection switches on the right of the front panel allow the user to easily select the desired mode if not being controlled via laptop. 

This solid state power supply is designed to meet a wide variety of standards including MIL-STD-461 RS103, ISO 11452, and DO 160 sec20. This IFI product is easily integrated into a preexisting setup often and reliable rugged construction lends itself well to any testing environment. This amplifier comes with all required cords and testing accessories arriving at test location ready for testing to begin. 

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Common Standards

DO 160 sec 20, MIL-STD 461 RS103

Frequency Range

6.0 – 18.0 GHz

Minimum Rated Power

250 W

P 1dB Power


Gain (dB min)


Mains (kVA)



31kg, 70lbs


26.7x48.3x64 cm, 10.5x19x25.25 inches

T188 Series

IFI T188 Series

T188-10 10
T188-20 20
T188-25 25


T188-50 50
T188-80 80
T188-100 100
T188-200 200
T188-250 250


T188-400 400
T188-500 500
T188-1000 1000
T188-2000 2000

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