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ISO 10605 - ESD Simulator Automotive Electrostatic Discharge
ISO 10605 - ESD Simulator Automotive Electrostatic Discharge
ISO 10605 by the International Organization for Standardization specifies electrostatic discharge testing methods necessary to evaluate electronic modules intended for use with road vehicles. We offer rentals and sales of ESD simulators that include both required discharge modules (330pf/2kΩ & 330pf/2kΩ) by this automotive standard. This can be purchased and previewed through the International Organization for Standardization website. The growing use of electronics within vehicles has led to an increased need for this type of testing and the standard to be developed. This standard applies to all vehicles regardless of type of engine (electric, diesel, etc.) and provides classification of ESD sensitivity of modules. ISO 10605 is based in some ways off IEC 61000-4-2, but requires 30kV voltage capabilities and different discharge modules.  
ISO 10605 - Contact Discharge Waveform
Testing for this automotive standard focuses an ESD occurrence in assembly, caused by service staff, and caused by occupants. It specifies test conditions, test apparatus, test set-up, test points, and many other considerations. ISO 10605 divides up testing into several major testing methods including component immunity (powered-up test), component packaging and handling (unpowered test), and vehicle test method. Our ESD simulator rentals have the ability to meet all requirements for the standard. This EMI standard requires ambient temperature at 25 degree Celsius +/- 10% and relative humidity between 20% and 60%. The humidity and temperature are especially important while testing given the impact it can have on air discharge. Section 10 of it puts forth the testing parameters for inside and outside of the vehicle. 

ISO 10605 - Performance Classification & areas of contact

This automotive standard places exact requirements the distances associated with all components, position and line lengths for the components. The setup must ensure all components on the test table must a minimum distance of 0,2 m from each with minimum of 0,1 m from other conductive structures. It includes that the supply battery on the table, negative directly connected to the HCP. Additional information regarding the setup for ISO 10605 is available in section 8 Component immunity test method (powered-up test).  ISO 10605 Test Setup for Indirect
Section 6 of ISO 10605 put forth requirements of the electrostatic discharge simulator or generator. It states that simulators must have air discharge to 25kV and contact to 15kV, negative and positive polarity, and rise time of .7ns to 1ns. It also states that equipment must be capable of storage capacitance of 150 pF, 330 pF and discharge resistance of 2,000 Ω. These testing requirements are met by the multiple interchangeable networks available for rent with our ESD simulators. The two different tips, air and contact, also have specific requirements that can be found in section 6.2 Discharge Tips in this automotive standard.ESD Simulator Block Diagram