Mil Std 461 CS115

Solar LISN 9233 - Solar Line Impedance Stabilization Network - 50 uH

The Solar LISN9233 uses a series inductor between the test sample and the power source to provide the impedance-versus-frequency characteristic. A coaxial connector with DC isolation is provided for connection to the associated frequency selective EMI meter. The nylon insulated pin plug-and-jack arrangement is a safety feature, well isolated from inadvertent short circuits, providing protection to operating personnel.


A Solar 9355 - Pulse Generator Per Mil Std 461 CS115

The Solar Electronics 9355 Pulse generator (2x35 nanoseconds) is designed to provide impulse excitation by means of an injection probe placed around interconnecting cables or power wires. A2LA accredited calibration is included in the EMC rental equipment price. This product provides adjustable pulse rate from 0.6 pulse per second to 150 pulse per second, and manual triggering.

This Military / Avionics Test Equipment allows for charged line potential to be adjusted from less than 10 V to approximately 2,000 V. The 9355 uses a charged transmission line (50 Ω) to generate a pulse with less than 2 nS rise and fall time, and duration of approximately 30 nS, calibrated in a 50 Ω fixture to deliver up to 5 A at a rate of 30 pulse per second for one minute. The repetition rate is variable from less than 0.6 pulse per second to greater than 150 pulse per second, or single pulses manually triggered via panel mounted button.

The Solar 9355 is an EMI test solution for testing to MIL-STD-461D/E/F, CS115. This product has a digital display for monitor the charging voltage and pulse repetition rate. Our EMC rental equipment includes the option of renting the accessory Bulk Current Injection Clamp (BCI) and other accessories required for CS115.


Mil Std 461 CS116 Accessory Package - Solar 9335-2, Solar 9123-1 Injection Probes, Calibration Fixtures, attenuators and monitoring probe

The Solar CS116 accessory package is a complete accessory package for CS115 and CS116 testing with the Solar Electronics 9354-2 including calibration fixtures and attenuators. High power transient generators with source impedances from 0.25 Ω to 50 Ω can use this probe to deliver high peak voltage or high current pulses into the wires or cables passing through the window of the device.

The unique winding arrangement of this impedance matching probe provides step-up or step-down ratios with respect to either: 1) the source impedance of the connected generator, when used for injection, or 2) the load impedance of the connected receiver, when used for reception. This results in maximum power transfer into or out of the transformer winding formed by the cable bundle passing through the window.


MIG2000-6 CS115 CS116 - Military Conducted Susceptibility Test Generator per Mil Std 461

The EMC Partner MIG 2000-6 Compact military conducted susceptibility test generator uses plug-in technology to simulate a wide range of special military impulses and includes plug-ins and injection probes. A2LA accredited calibration is included in the EMC rental equipment price. This products easy to use software allows for quick and easy testing and changing of parameters.

This Military & Avionics EMC Test Equipment provides three plug-ins, one plug-in for CS115 (2x30 nanoseconds) and two for CS116 (10khz/100khz/1Mhz & 10Mhz/30Mhz/100Mhz. These plug-ins slide into the structure of the body of this unit allowing for easy interchange of testing parameters. This EMC Partner Immunity test product also comes with CN-MIG-BT and CN-MIG-BT2 injection probes.

The MIG 2000-6 is designed to meet the testing criteria for MIL STD 461 CS115MIL STD 461 CS 116, and RTCA DO 160 sec 22. This product is an all in one solution for Mil Std 461 CS115 & CS116 rather than individual test solutions that are provided by competing products.