EM Test CA LV 124 - Rent LV 124 Verification Kit for PFM 200N100

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EM Test LV124 Verification Kit:

  • Designed for Power & Data Line Verification
  • Direct Connection into the PFM 200N Series
  • Software Procedure for Verification with Loads
  • Included with Rental of EM Test PFM 200N100

Included in Kit

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Verification set for the PFM 200N Series for verifying the Pulses E10 & E13  of LV 124.The CA LV 124 set includes four load resistors for the verification of the pulses E10 and E13 of the LV 124 (2013). The load resistors CA LV124-P1R and CA LV124-P100R are used for power line verification. For verification the 16 signal and data lines the CA LV124-D1R and CA LV124-D1000R are used

Data Sheet


Common Standards

BMW GS 95024-2-1, MBN LV 124-1, OEM LV 124, OEM LV 124 (2013-02), VW 80000



CA LV124-P1R

Power lines

CA LV124-P100R

Power lines

CA LV124-D1R

Data lines

CA LV124-D1000R

Data lines

BNC cable

BNC Measuring cable 2 m, Verification power lines

Power cable

2 Cable 0.5m red/black, Verification signal- data lines

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