Amplifiers, Antennas, & Probes


LSProbe 1.2 Rental - Lumiloop 10 kHz - 6 Ghz 3D E-Field Probe

The LSProbe1.2 3D E-Field probe made by Lumiloop provides the standard frequency range of 10 kHz to 6 GHz. This laser-powered, fast response probe with continuous real-time data drive probe utilizes linearization technology providing dynamic range up to 100 dB. The Lumiloop LSProbe1.2 is rugged and reliable system also provides best-in-class frequency and temperature compensation. 

This 3D E-Field probe is galvanically insulated laser power supply eliminates the need for batteries and not limited to the acquisition of quasi-static fields. Multiple LSProbes may be connected to one TCP Server instance to form a Multiprobe System consisting of synchronized E-field probes which is especially suitable for field distribution analysis, statistical field analysis and reverberation chamber applications.


SAS-571 Rental 700Mhz - 18Ghz Antenna - A.H. Systems Double Ridge Guide Horn Antenna

The SAS-571 Double Ridge Guide Horn Antenna made by A.H. Systems is a lightweight, compact and has been manufactured for maximum gain, low VSWR and broadband response. Using broadband double ridge guide horn antenna  antennas is the ideal for many EMC testing standards and is the antenna of choice per Mil-Std 461G over 200 MHz. This A.H. System horn antenna is an excellent solution for both immunity and emissions testing with adjustable elevation and azimuth.

The double ridge guide horn antenna was initially designed for surveillance where a high gain broadband response was required. The original design was to have a 30-degree beamwidth, which is ideal for EMI measurements and compliance testing. The SAS-571 horn antenna comes with a 3" mounting bracket and thumbscrew allowing for attachment to the tripod. This antenna has the ability to meet a large range of EMC testing capabilities with additional accessories available.


CBA 1G-150B Rental - Teseq Amplifier 80 MHz to 1 Ghz 150W Broadband Power Mil Std 461 RS 103

Rent the CBA 1G-150B Amplifier compact, touch screen amplifier ideal for IEC 61000-4-3, Mil Std 461 RS103, ISO 11452 and DO 160 testing.