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LSProbe 1.2 Rental - Lumiloop 10 kHz - 6 Ghz 3D E-Field Probe

The LSProbe1.2 3D E-Field probe made by Lumiloop provides the standard frequency range of 10 kHz to 6 GHz. This laser-powered, fast response probe with continuous real-time data drive probe utilizes linearization technology providing dynamic range up to 100 dB. The Lumiloop LSProbe1.2 is rugged and reliable system also provides best-in-class frequency and temperature compensation. 

This 3D E-Field probe is galvanically insulated laser power supply eliminates the need for batteries and not limited to the acquisition of quasi-static fields. Multiple LSProbes may be connected to one TCP Server instance to form a Multiprobe System consisting of synchronized E-field probes which is especially suitable for field distribution analysis, statistical field analysis and reverberation chamber applications.