Milmega AS0860-50 - Rent 60 Watt 800 MHz - 6 GHz Amplifier

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50 Watt Milmega Microwave Amplifier:

  • 800 MHz - 6 GHz 60 Watts Ouput Psat (min)
  • 50 Watts Power P1dB (min)
  • Class A Operation & Front Panel Display
  • Fitted Dual Directional Coupler
  • Rented Individual or with Signal Generator

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RF Test Equipment


This innovative amplifier combines a compact design with market leading performance. Its ability to operate into any load without fold back makes this an ideal amplifier for a variety of Telecom, Instrumentation and EMC applications. The amplifier is supported via Milmega’s AS series five-year parts, labour and shipping warranty and supported by local in country service networks.

Along with a simple to use informative touch screen display the AS0860 series is fitted with multiple remote interfaces, RS232, USB, Ethernet and GPIB as standard. The amplifier chassis is designed ready for a simple upgrade to higher power levels by the addition of extra power modules into the existing mainframe up to 200 watts P1dB.

The GaN balanced pair design at the core of the amplifier ensures a high reliability, linear performance across the frequency range. This design also ensures that the amplifier will continue to operate at full power even when presented with an open or short circuit at its output.

Powered from a switched mode power supply for high efficiency, high power factor and wide voltage range operation. The unit is air-cooled with integral fans, is protected against faulty cooling by excess temperature sensing. A safety interlock connector is provided, which the user can short circuit to ground, to put the amplifier into standby mode.


 Frequency Range 

 0.8 to 6.0 GHz

 Psat (min)

 60 W 

 P1dB (min)

 50 W

 Gain (min) 

 47.0 dB
 Gain Control  0-20 dB in 255 Steps

 Harmonics at P1dB

 -18dBc (Typical)

Third order intercept point IP3

10dB > P1dB

Input Power (no damage)

+15 dBm

 Output VSWR tolerance Output VSWR tolerance

Infinite any phase



Output impedance

50 Ohm

Output VSWR

2:1 typical

Input VSWR

2:1 max


-70 dBc (min) -80 dBc (typical)

Noise figure

 8.0 dB

Safety interlock

Via rear panel BNC connector

Supply Voltage – Supply Voltage –1 Phase

85 to 264 VAC

Supply Frequency

47 to 63 Hz

Supply Power

< 0.65 kVA (typical full power)

RF Input

Type N female

RF Output

Type N female


19 inches, 4U 615 mm Deep


20 kg

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