RTCA DO 160 sec 18


Solar 6220-4 / 6220-1B - HV Audio Isolation Transformer

The Solar6220-4 / Solar6220-1B electronics audio isolation transformer allows testing for DO-160 Sec 18,sec 20. The transformer is capable of handing up to 200 W of audio power into its primary over the frequency range 30 Hz to 250 kHz. The turns ratio provides a two-to-one step down to the special secondary winding. The secondary will handle up to 50 A of AC or DC without saturating the transformer.

Another secondary winding is connected to a pair of binding posts suitable for connecting to AC voltmeter as directed by the applicable EMI specifications.The transformer may be used as a 4 Ω primary and 1 Ω secondary or 2.4 Ω primary and 0.6 Ω secondary or 2 Ω primary and 0.5 Ω secondary.


Solar 6512 - 10 Microfarad Feed Thru Cap

The Solar6512 Electronics 10µF Feed-Thru Capacitor, part # 6512-106Rfor Mil Std 461 sec 18, Mil Std 461 sec 20, Mil Std 461 sec 21, is rented in sets of 2.Three different spike durations are provided: 0.15 µS, 5.0 µS, and 10.0 µS. The amplitude of the spike voltage is fully adjustable and is displayed on a digital meter.

The Solar Electronics 6512 provides up to 600 V peak amplitude for each of the 0.15, 5.0 and 10.0 µS spikes. The output voltage rises steeply to peak amplitude as adjusted by the panel control, then falls exponentially to cross through zero at the duration of 0.15, 5.0, or 10.0 µS as selected by push buttons. The voltage falls below zero and "rings" for a period determined by the inductance in the output circuit or the load.