Siglent SRF5030T Probes - Rent Near Field (H&E) Probes

Siglent Near Field Probe Set

  • 300 kHz to 3 GHz Near Field Probe Set (H&E)
  • Ideal for Identifying Radiated EMI Noise
  • Thing Design Ideal for Getting Between Components
  • SMB Connector to Void Twisting 
  • Rented with Spectrum Analyzer for Emissions

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Siglent's SRF5030T Non-contact near-field probes have a operating frequency range: 300 kHz to 3 GHz.  Probes are electrically isolated and have a thin profile for easier access to tight locations. Perfect for identifying sources of interference and other EMI events.

The kit includes: Three magnetic near-field probes (20, 10, and 5 mm resolution), one electric field point probe (5 mm resolution), N-to-SMA adapter, and cable in a handy soft carrying case.

Data Sheet


Probe H20 (H-Field)

20 mm (300 kHz-3GHz)

Probe H10 (H-Field)

10 mm (300 kHz-3GHz)

Probe H5 (H-Field)

5 mm (300 kHz-3Ghz)

Probe E5 (E-Field)

5 mm (300 kHz-3Ghz)



Terminal Type SMB (M)


SMB (F) to SMA (M), 100cm
Adapter  SMA (F) to N (M)

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