Solar 2201-1 - Rent Avionic Impedance Matching Transformer

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Impedance Matching Transformer:

  • Compliant Transformer to DO-160 Sec.17
  • Used with Solar 7054 600v Spike Generator  
  • EUT Maxt 12 A for 50 Hz, 60 Hz & 6 A for 400 Hz

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The Solar 2201-1made by Solar Electronics is Impedance Matching Transformer for DO-160 Section 17 (for use with the Solar 7054-1). Due to core saturation the EUT current must not exceed 12 A for 50 RENTALHz, 60 Hz and 6 A for 400 Hz

Data Sheet


Common Standards

DO-160(G) Section 17


≤2 µS(0 to crest)

 Peak Voltage

Up to 600V peak


>10 µS (0 to crossover)

Generator  Impedance

50Ω load generator with 50Ω. Voltage must drop to half the open circuit voltage ±10%

Current Max:

12A for 50, 60 Hz – 6A for 400Hz

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