Conducted Transient Emissions Set ISO 7637-2 EM Test

ISO 7637-2 Transient Emissions Kit:

  • Electronic Switch, Artifical Network, RS-Box
  • Ideal for Compliant ISO 7637-2 Measurements
  • BS 200N100.1 Max: 60V DC/100A, <1.2V@100A
  • AMP 200N100 Frequency100 kHz - 125 MHz
  • Includes Current ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration

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The measurement of automotive transient emissions as per ISO 7637 requires an electronic switch, a mechancical switch and an artificial network. (The electronic switch is used to generate slow transients while the mechanical switch, a typical relay used in the vehicle, generates the fast transients. The artifical network represents the typical impedance of the wiring harness). The AN 20100N is designed for ISO 7637, CISPR 25 and CISPR 16 and can be switched accordingly.

Data SheetBS 200N100 User Manual


Common Standards

ISO 7637-2, 

BS 200N100 - Electronic Switch

Operation voltage

Max. 60V DC

Operation current

Max. 100A continuous

Peak voltage

Max. 1,000

Voltage drop

< 1.2V at 100A

< 0.2V at 25A

Overvoltage protection

By varistors

Overload protection

Short-circuit protected Reverse-polarity protected


Switching time

300ns +/- 20% into test load 50uH/0.6ohm

On/Off time

10ms to 500ms, continuously selectable via potentiometer

Operation mode

Indicatied by LED



Manual trigger of a single event


Automatic trigger with min. 0.1Hz to max. 1Hz repetition, continuously selectable by potentiometer


Enternal trigger, negative going edge 0V, BNC input


Voltage monitor

BNC output; divider 1:200 +/-5%

CRO trigger

BNC output; negative going edge 0V

Switching time

for 50Ω terminating resistor or measuring device (in parallel with 22kΩ)

AN 200N100 - Artifical Network

Max operating voltage

1000V DC / 250V AC (up to 1kHz)

Max. operating current

Max. peak current

100A continuous



50 Ohm║ 5 μH + 1 Ohm +/- 10%

Frequency range

100 kHz ... 125 MHz


5 μH (Air core)

Insertion loss

< 3 dB DUT to receiver output

Coupling capacitor

0,1 μF


Multi Contact
- 6mm High-current connector up to 100A
- 4mm banana safety lab connector up tor 32A

BNC plug

for 50Ω terminating resistor or measuring device (in parallel with 22kΩ)


318mm x 126mm x 122mm (LxWxH)

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