TekBox TBLC08 - Rent 50µH 8 Amp AC LISN

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50µH 8Amp AC LISN:

  • Frequency Range: 9 kHz to 30 MHz
  • Nema Style US Socket on Front
  • Impedance: 50 Ω ║ (50 µH + 5 Ω)
  • Line Voltage Maximum 240 Volts AC
  • Includes Artificial hand: 220 pF + 511 Ω


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The TBLC08 is an affordable Line Impedance Stabilization Network targeting pre-compliance measurements of line-conducted interference within the range of 9kHz to 30MHz, according to the CISPR16 standard. The device is designed for testing single phase, AC-powered equipment with supply voltages up to maximum 260V. Conducted noise can be measured on the phase and on the neutral conductor. The TBLC08 is equipped with a switchable limiter/attenuator and an artificial hand connection. The LISN is supported by the Tekbox EMC software, making pre-compliance measurements an easy task.

User Manual


Frequency Range

 9 kHz to 30 MHz


50 Ω ║ (50 µH + 5 Ω)

Artificial hand: 

220 pF + 511 Ω

Switchable PE: 

50 Ω ║ 50 µH 

Limiter / attenuator:

150 kHz to 30 MHz; 10 dB

Line voltage: 

nominal 0-240V; max. 260V DC or AC / 50-60 Hz; CAT II

Max. current:

 8A @ 23°C

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