Thermo Keytek PK1002D 10kV HV Differential Probes

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Keytek 10kV HV Probe:

  • 200:1 Attenuation; Low EMI sensitivity
  • Ideal for Combination Wave Surge Verification
  • Peak Surge to 10kV, Rise Time 10ns 
  • PK 1001D Variation to 6kV Available 

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Verification/Monitoring Devices


10kV HV Probe Features

      • 10kV High Voltage Probes - Ideal for EMI
      • 200:1 Attenuation; Low EMI sensitivity
      • BNC Connection to Oscilloscope
      • Convenient to use & Self Interlock system 
      • Arrives Ready for Testing!


The differential oscilloscope probes normally used for monitoring high voltage surges and transients are generally large and cumbersome (because they are designed for use to 40 kV), unduly sensitive to noise, and difficult to maintain in close compensation adjustment. KeyTek'sModel PK 1001Dis a relatively small, lightweight probe designed to provide accurate transmission of peak surge waves to 6 kV,with fronts from 10 ns to 1.2.

Its relatively low input impedance provides low sensitivity to noise. Quick and convenient to use, the Model PK 1001 requires no ground at the probe tip, and no compensation adjustments. An auxiliary interlock unit ensures a high degree of operator safety during probe use.

Data Sheet




Input Resistance

10K ± 2%

Peak Transient Voltage

0 - ± 10kv

Transient Duration

1 ms maximum

Rise time


Output Impedance

50 ohms ± 1%


200:1 ± 3%

Compensation Adjustments


Input Power for probes

100/120/220/240 V, 10W, 50-60Hz



Interlock unit

20x11x10 cm / 8x4x4 inches

Cable Length

2 meters

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