NSG 3060 System Rental - Teseq 3-Phase 100amp/620V CDNs

3-Phase Transient Test System

NSG 3060 System Rental - Teseq 3-Phase 100amp/620V CDNs

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Conducted Immunity System Features 

      • 6.6kV Surge & 100kHz Ring Wave, EFT 4.8kV
      • ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration included
      • CDNs - CDN 3083S-100 & CDN 3083B-100
      • Free Technical Support & 2 Days Free Transit
      • Combination of NSG 3060 and HV CDNs
      • AC/DC Surge/EFT 3-Phase 620V/100Amps
      • Turnkey Solution - Arrives Ready for Testing!


Rent the Teeseq (previously Schaffner) NSG 3060 conducted immunity test system for 4.8kV, Surge to 6.6kV, 100kHz ring wave to 6.6kV with the CDN 3083S-100/CDN 3083B-100 up to 620v/100amps. This is a complete immunity system with HV couplers to allow for high voltage/amps EUT. This entire system comes with an ISO 17025 accredited calibration. It includes both coupling methods associated with IEC and ANSI EMC testing standards.  

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