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Custom discharge networks for both the NSG 437 and NSG 438 electrostatic discharge simulators/guns are available upon request. These networks are designed for either the simulator and can cover a large range of testing requirements. Transient Specialists is the only authorized sale partner of Teseq/EM Test ESD simulators and accessories in the United States. These networks can be ordered with purchases of new equipment or order individually to supplement existing testing capabilities. 

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Teseq Table

Accessories NSG 435 Basic set (see technical specifications) Part Number
Mains power supply (80 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz) INA 402 01-05
Spare battery pack. Make sure the right charger gets used, as older chargers are not suited for new batteries. INA 405
Remote triggering unit incl. 5m opto-cable INA 415
Opto-link to a PC with 10m opto-cable INA 417B
Special test tip for fast rise time. Where the rise time of 0,8ns specified in most standards represents more than 80% of real cases, in extreme cases an ESD event may be faster. This can be simulated using this fast rise time test finger which generates rise times around 0,4ns. INA 420
Tripod support for NSG 435 INA 423
Air discharge tip for NSG 434 and NSG 435 INA 424
Contact discharge tip for NSG 434 and NSG 435 INA 425
Special discharge networks (specify R and C) INA xxx
Accessories NSG 437/438/439 Basic set (see technical specifications) Part Number
Opto-link set to a PC with 10m opto-cable (INA 417B is not suitable with NSG 437) INA 417B
Discharge network, 150 pF/330 Ω, per: IEC 61000-4-2 (2008), ISO 10605 (2001), (2008) INA 4380
Discharge network, 150 pF/2 kΩ, per: ISO 10605 (2001), (2008), SAEJ1113-13, GMW3091, GMW3094, GMW3097, GMW3100 INA 4381
Discharge network, 330 pF/2 kΩ, per: ISO 10605 (2001), (2008), SAE J1113-13 INA 4382
Discharge network, 150 pF/330 Ω, per: ANSI C63.16 - Hand/metal model INA 4383
Discharge network, 150 pF/75 Ω, per: ANSI C63.16 - Air discharge furniture model INA 4384
Discharge network, 150 pF/15 Ω, per: ANSI C63.16 - Contact discharge furniture model INA 4385
Fast risetime test tip. Where the rise time of 0,8ns speficied in most standards represents more than 80% of real cases, in extreme cases an ESD event may be faster. This can be simulated using this fast rise time test finger which generates rise times around 0,4ns. INA 4411
Remote discharge tip with extension (specify R value xx). For applications where ESD pistol needs to stay away from EUT. Consists in banana tip, HV extension cord of 1,5m, ended with resistor unit and set of air and contact test finger INA 4413-xx
Air discharge ball (Discharge sphere). 25mm diameter test tip adapter to be fixed on 8mm air discharge test finger. To minimize corona discharge when testing in air discharge mode for higher voltages. INA 4414
Flexible tip set. Where the application makes access of EUT discharge point difficult. Approx. 30 cm flexible extension adapter tips. Set of 2 tips, for air discharge and contact discharge mode. INA 4415
Soft touch contact tip. Very convenient adapter tip to test connector pins INA 4416
Banana contact tip. To adapt to 4mm banana plugs. INA 4417
Banana fastrisetime tip. To adapt to 4mm banana plugs. INA 4418
E-field adapter INA 4419
H-field adapter INA 4420
Tripod support for NSG 437, 438. To adapt NSG 437 or 438 pistols to classics tripods as generally used for cameras. INA 4421
Carry case for NSG 437/438. Includes foam with professional cut outs for NSG 437, 438 and accessories. INA 4423
Charge remover (for NSG 438 and NSG 439 series only) INA 4430
Discharge network, 100 pF/100 Ω INA 4545
Discharge network, 300 pF/30 Ω INA 4546
Discharge network, 150 pF/1500 Ω INA 4547
Discharge network, 100 pF/1000 Ω INA 4548
Discharge network, 2000 pF/150 Ω INA 4549
Discharge network, 1000 pF/2 kΩ, per: ES-X 44017 HMC (Hyundai Motor Company) INA 4550
Discharge network, 500 pF/330 Ω INA 4552
Discharge network, 330 pF/330 Ω, per: ISO 10605 (2001), (2008), TL 824 66 (VolksWagen) INA 4553
Discharge network, 150 pF/150 Ω, per: SAE J1455 A94 INA 4554
Discharge network, 500 pF/500 Ω, per: MIL-STD-464, Stanag 4239 INA 4555
Discharge network, 500 pF/100 Ω INA 4556
Discharge network, 2000 pF/0 Ω INA 4557
Discharge network, 200 pF/150 Ω INA 4558
Discharge network, 500 pF/5 kΩ, per: Stanag 4239 INA 4559
Discharge network, 200 pF/100 Ω INA 4560
Discharge network, 100 pF/1500 Ω, per: MIL 883 INA 4561
Discharge network, 330 pF/0 Ω INA 4562
Discharge network, 50 pF/0 Ω INA 4563
Discharge network, 100 pF/500 Ω, per: Chrysler PF9326-D-May 00, Chrysler LP388-C-42 INA 4564
Discharge network, 1500 pF/2200 Ω, per: VW 80972:2001-10 INA 4565
Discharge network, 150 pF/1000 Ω INA 4566
Discharge network, 150 pF/0 Ω INA 4567
Discharge network, 1000 pF/0 Ω INA 4568
Discharge network, 200 pF/0 Ω INA 4569
Discharge network, 500 pF/2000 Ω INA 4570
Discharge network, 330 pF/27 Ω INA 4572
Discharge network, 1000 pF/1000 Ω, per: IEC 60065 INA 4573
Discharge network, 50 pF/100 Ω INA 4574
Discharge network, 100 pF/50 Ω INA 4575
Discharge network, 350 pF/200 Ω INA 4576
Discharge network, 100 pF/0 Ω INA 4577
Discharge network, 50 pF/200 Ω INA 4578
Discharge network, 650 pF/350 Ω INA 4579
Discharge network, 500 pF/500 Ω INA 4580
Discharge network, 400 pF/250 Ω INA 4581
Discharge network, 50 pF/10 Ω INA 4582
Discharge network, 50 pF/3500 Ω INA 4583
Discharge network, 250 pF/1500 Ω, per: UL 1023 INA 4584
Discharge network, 150 pF/300 Ω INA 4585
Discharge network, 200 pF/500 Ω INA 4586
Discharge network, 330 pF/500 Ω INA 4587
Discharge network, 60 pF/100 Ω INA 4588
Discharge network, 50 pF/10k Ω INA 4589
Discharge network, 250 pF/100 Ω INA 4590
Discharge network, 250 pF/500 Ω INA 4591
Discharge network, 1000 pF/1 Ω INA 4592
Discharge network, 500 pF/1000 Ω INA 4593
Discharge network, 20 pF/0 Ω INA 4594
Discharge network, 1000 pF/10 Ω INA 4595
Discharge network, 270 pF/100 Ω INA 4596
Discharge network, 100 pF/47 Ω INA 4597
Discharge network, 1600 pF/1500 Ω INA 4598
Discharge network, 200 pF/1500 Ω INA 4599
Special discharge networks to specification: specify standard, C and R value. Possible values: 50 pF < C < 2000 pF, 0 Ω < R < 20 kΩ INA xxxx
Measurement Accessoires for all ESD Simulators Basic set (see technical specifications) Part Number
Calibration adapter set to MD 103. To calibrate MD 103 per specifications of IEC 61000-4-2 (2008) and ISO 10605 (2008). INA 103
Bleeder resistor cable (2 x 470 kΩ) - lenght 80 cm INA 414
Bleeder resistor cable (2 x 470 kΩ) - lenght 2 m INA 414-2M
Measuring target conforming to IEC 61000-4-2 (1995) MD 101
Target-attenuator-cable chain for ESD pulse calibration conforming to IEC 61000-4-2 (2008) and ISO 10605 (2008). MD 103


I would recommend Transient Specialists. Transient Specialists always provides quality products within the established timeframes. The equipment always meets the specifications and properly shipped within the time frames within the time frames promised.

Scott D., TUV SUD Canada


Transient Specialists has been outstanding at working with us for our specialized EMC equipment rental needs. Fast shipments and excellent accommodation for some customized setups. I recommend them highly and they are a pleasure to partner with!

John H., Gates Air, Inc.


Laura, I want to thank you and Goran for your excellent customer service and turn around time on the rentals and the calibration documents.  

Adam P., Clark Testing


Working for a testing company I deal with renting equipment all the time.  Transient Specialist is the first company I call on my list of rental houses because of their great personnel, prompt delivery of the equipment, knowledgeable and accommodating to the customers needs.

Richard T., National Technical Systems

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