SAS-544 Biconical Antenna Rental - 20 MHz - 300 MHz

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High Field Biconical Antenna:

  • 20 MHz to 300 MHz; 300 Watt Continuous Limit  
  • Atenna Factor 6 to 21 dB, 20 V/m Max
  • Ideal for Lower Frequencies of IEC 61000-4-3
  • Rugged Construction & N-Type, Female
  • Rent Signal Gen, Amplifiers, & E-Field Probes


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Associated Radiated RF Equipment



The SAS-544 Biconical Antenna is designed with a coaxial wound balun for increased power capability and intended for both transmitting and receiving high electromagnetic RF fields.This Biconical antenna may be used for radiating immunity measurements. Whether testing in a shielded enclosure, or outdoors, the rugged construction of the A.H. Systems Biconical antenna will ensure long life, and reliable performance.

Data Sheet


Frequency Range

80 MHz - 300MHz

  Antenna Factor

6 to 21 dB/


-23 to 2.8 dBI

  Maximum Continuous Power

300 Watts


50 Ohm


Max Radiated Field: 20 V/m


N-Type, Female
Mounting Base: ¼ - 20 Thread, female

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