MIL-STD-461 CS114 - Conducted Susceptibility Bulk Cable Injection

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MIL-STD-461 CS114 - Conducted Susceptibility Bulk Cable Injection

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Showing 1 to 9 of 17 products

Conducted Susceptibility, Bulk Cable Injection
Conducted Susceptibility, Bulk Cable Injection

General Testing Information

MIL-STD-461 CS114 applies to all interconnecting cables, including power cables, from 10 kHz to 200 MHz. For electrical and electronic equipment used on ships or submarines, an common mode limit of 77 dBμA is applied from 4 kHz to 1 MHz. CS114 is designed to test the ability of an EUT to handle RF signals onto the EUT associated cabling. It requires measurement receivers, current injection probes, current probes, calibration fixture, directional couplers, signal generators, plotter, attenuators, coaxial loads, and power amplifiers. This standard places specific requires on how the data is to be presented in the data presentation( 

Test Equipment List
  1. Measurement receivers
  2. Current injection probes
  3. Current probes
  4. Calibration fixture
  5. Directional couplers
  6. Signal generators 
  7. Plotter
  8. Attenuators 
  9. Coaxial loads
  10. Power Amplifiers 
  11. LISNs  

Test Solutions

The test equipment for bulk cable injection (BCI) testing within the frequency range of 10kHz to 200MHz we offer include amplifiers, bulk current injection probes, calibration fixtures, signal generators, attenuators and many others. Our test equipment provides full turnkey test systems ensuring compliance to this military based standard. We offer both the Teseq and EM Test solutions in both modular and complete solutions. The easiest way to separate the required equipment is by amplifier, signal generator, and test accessories. All of our test solutions come with ISO 17025 accredited calibrations.

EM Test Continuous Wave Simulator 

EM Test CWS 500N2

The EM Test CWS 500N2 test system provides a built in signal generator (9kHz-1GHz), directional coupler, and power amplifier (100 Watt). This test system provides a single box solution with easy to use software allowing for calibration data points to be easily recorded. Additional possible test equipment for this solution is listed below. 

  1. Measurement receivers (CWS 500N2)
  2. Current injection probes (Accessory Package)
  3. Current probes (Accessory Package)
  4. Calibration fixture (Accessory Package)
  5. Directional couplers  (CWS 500N2)
  6. Signal generators  (CWS 500N2)
  7. Plotter
  8. Attenuators (Accessory Package)
  9. Coaxial loads (Accessory Package)
  10. Power Amplifiers (CWS 500N2)
  11. LISNs  

Accessory Package

MIL-STD-461 CS114

Transient Specialists offers a CS114 test accessory package providing a more complete solution to a variety of the test equipment required by the standard. This package includes:

  1. Current injection probes (Accessory Package)
  2. Current probes (Accessory Package)
  3. Calibration fixture (Accessory Package)
  4. Attenuators (Accessory Package)
  5. Coaxial loads (Accessory Package)