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Impedance Stabilization Networks (ISN) Rental

ISNs are devices used in testing conducted emissions along data or communication lines, commonly RJ45, D-sub 25 Pin, and coaxial cables. Many of these devices also doulbe as conducted RF immunity testing Coupling Decoupling Networks (CDNs).

These monitoring devices are placed between the equipment under test (EUT) and auxiliary equipment (AE) or load which are necessary for the operation of the EUT. The ISN establishes the common-mode termination impedance for the EUT’s telecommunications port during measurement. 

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Teseq ISN T8 Series - Front Side Teseq ISN T8 Series - Front
Teseq ISN T8 Series - Rent ISN for Unscreened Balanced Pairs
  • Designed for Unscreened Balanced Pairs (RJ11 & RJ45)
  • Max 63 V/600 mA AC or 100 V/600 mA DC
  • For use with up to Four Unscreened Balanced Pairs
Teseq ISN T8-Cat6 - Front Side Teseq ISN T8-Cat6 - Front
Teseq ISN T8-Cat6 - Rent ISN for Cat. 6 Unscreened Balanced Pairs
  • Designed for up to 4 Category Cat. 6 Pairs
  • Refers to CISPR 22/32 Figure D.3/G
  • Max 63 V/600 mA AC or 100 V/600 mA DC
Com-Power ISN/CDN-T8SE - Front Side Com-Power ISN/CDN-T8SE - Front
Com-Power ISN/CDN-T8SE - Rent ISN for Shielded RJ45 Ports
  • Utilized for both Immunity & Emissions Tests
  • CISPR 16-1-2, CISPR 22/32 Compliant
  • Designed for up to Four Balanced Pairs
Teseq ISN ST08 - Front Side Teseq ISN ST08 - Side
Teseq ISN ST08 - Rent ISN for Screened RJ45/Ethernet
  • Designed for Screened RJ45 Connections
  • Max 100 V/1.2 A AC or 150 V/1.2 A DC (per line)
  • Can be used for Emissions ISN or RF CDN

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