My Dad, Stan Gregory, started this business in the seventies, while working as an electrical engineering consultant. He required this equipment, but couldn’t find anyplace to rent, not purchase, EMC test equipment. Following thirty years of helping others with test equipment rentals, he shared his knowledge with his family and we have been running Transient Specialists since 2000.

We are a small company, specializing in EMC test equipment rentals. By keeping our inventory centered in this specialized area, we are very knowledgeable on the operation of the equipment we own and the issues that can slow your learning curve when you are renting this equipment for the first time. In the last 10 years, we have expanded our suppliers as well as our markets, to include automotive, military, and product safety.

Our mission is for you to accomplish your testing in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We offer weekly, monthly and longer term rentals, along with no rental charges during 2 days of transit time, you only pay for the time that you are using the equipment.

– Laura Pitrak | President
Transient Specialists, Inc