EMC/EMI Test Accessory Rentals - CIP, Setups, & Monitoring Devices

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10kV HV Differential Probes

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Test Accessories/Equipment
Test Accessories/Equipment

General Accessory Information 

Accessories and associated equipment external of the main systems or equipment provides added capabilities and the ability to meet necessary test requirements. These can often be used to meet a specific section or requirement and may not be commonly used in conjunction with the system, making renting these accessories an ideal solutions. These can often be split up into many categories based upon application and use, often by active/passive use. Often times accessories are bundled into a package provide a complete solution for common testing.

Common Accessory Categories

      • Monitoring Devices - Probes, Targets, & Verification Kits
      • Injection Devices - CIP, CDNs, & Clamps
      • Unique Test Setup Requirements - GCP, Tripods, & LISNs
      • External Active Test Generators - Transients, Variacs, & Transformers
CS116 Transient Generator & Accessory Package