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ESD Voltage Verification Device

HV & High Resistance Voltmeter:

      • Designed Measuring Voltage of ESD
      • Measure DC up to 100kV
      • ISO 17025 Calibration included
      • Portable with large LCD/LED display
      • Free Technical Support & 2 Days Free Transit
      • Wide measurement & High input impedance


The ES105 by ESDEMC is designed for up to 100kV DC measurements. The simple methodology of inserting the discharge tip into the test input of the voltmeter, makes it an ideal solution for quick voltage verification. This is explicitly required by many military based requirements including MIL-STD-461 CS118 for ESD testing. These are an ideal solution for when quick voltage measurements are required, allowing for a more cost effective solution then an oscilloscope. 

Electrostatic Discharge Setup

In Stock

ESD Test Table - IEC 61000-4-2:

      • GCP, HCP, VCP, & Cables w/ Resistors 
      • Can be purchased New/Used
      • For Full IEC 61000-4-2 Setup - Components Available!
      • Free Technical Support & 2 Days Free Transit
      • Some Models - Removable Legs
      • Turnkey Solution - Arrives Ready for Testing!


Renting and purchasing the electrostatic discharge test setup for EN IEC 61000-4-2 testing allows a quick and cost efficient solution for testing needs. This immunity test setup includes: vertical coupling plane (VCP), horizontal coupling plane (HCP), insulating paper/foil, all wood table with removable legs, ground coupling plane (GCP), and all required accessories for assembly. All of our testing equipment and accessories come with technical support.

This Equipment is quite large and needs to ship via freight.  Select Fedex ground (no charge), and then we will call you for a shipping account number or a separate payment for the shipping costs (approximately $200 each way).

  • Rent Full Setup - 1 Week $250.00
  • Rent Full Setup - 1 Month $390.00
  • Purchase $4,200.00

Verification/Calibration Set

Conducted Immunity Generator Features 

      • Load Resistor 1Ohm & 100Ohm -  Power Lines Verification
      • Direct Connection into the PFM 200N Series
      • Software procedure for verification with CA LV124 loads
      • High precision load resistors 1.0, 100 and 1000 ohms
      • Arrives Ready for Testing!


Verification set for the PFM 200N Series for verifying the Pulses E10 & E13  of LV 124.The CA LV 124 set includes four load resistors for the verification of the pulses E10 and E13 of the LV 124 (2013). The load resistors CA LV124-P1R and CA LV124-P100R are used for power line verification. For verification the 16 signal and data lines the CA LV124-D1R and CA LV124-D1000R are used

HV Monitoring Probe

Differential Probe Features 

      • Selectable attenuation settings of 100x/1000x
      • 70 MHz bandwidth (-3 dB)
      • Power and over-range indicators
      • Up to ±7 kV differential and common mode
      • High CMRR


Differential probes allow safe, accurate measurement between two voltage points where neither point is referenced to ground. The CT3681 and CT3683 both offer a 70 MHz bandwidth and can test up to ±7 kV (DC + AC peak). Compatible with oscilloscopes from all major manufacturers, the probes can be battery operated, powered by a universal adapter (optional), or powered by USB power lead (optional) if the oscilloscope is so equipped

10kV High Voltage Probes

In Stock

10kV HV Probe Features

      • 10kV High Voltage Probes - Ideal for EMI
      • 200:1 Attenuation; Low EMI sensitivity
      • BNC Connection to Oscilloscope
      • Convenient to use & Self Interlock system 
      • Arrives Ready for Testing!


The differential oscilloscope probes normally used for monitoring high voltage surges and transients are generally large and cumbersome (because they are designed for use to 40 kV), unduly sensitive to noise, and difficult to maintain in close compensation adjustment. KeyTek'sModel PK 1001Dis a relatively small, lightweight probe designed to provide accurate transmission of peak surge waves to 6 kV,with fronts from 10 ns to 1.2.

Its relatively low input impedance provides low sensitivity to noise. Quick and convenient to use, the Model PK 1001 requires no ground at the probe tip, and no compensation adjustments. An auxiliary interlock unit ensures a high degree of operator safety during probe use.

Current Monitoring Probe

In Stock

Current Monitoring Features 

      • Maximum Peak Current - 5000 Amperes
      • ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration included
      • Pearson Electronics Monitor Model 110
      • Useable rise time 20 Nanoseconds
      • Output Resistance 50 Ohms
      • Turnkey Solution - Arrives Ready for Testing!


Pearson Model 110 Current Probe.  Donut shaped for current monitoring up to 5000 Amps .1 Volts per Amp. attenuation.

Teseq ESD Target Set

ESD Pulse Target:

      • Target for precise ESD pulse measurements
      • Precise gold plated construction
      • ISO 17025 Calibration included
      • Free Technical Support & 2 Days Free Transit
      • Very small insertion loss variation
      • Includes target, attenuator and cable


The MD 102a, successor to the MD 103 , is a electrostatic discharge calibration target used for verifying waveforms of ESD simulators/guns. All the elements incorporated within the measurement chain must be matched to one another before highly accurate measurements with minimal uncertainties can be contemplated. This test accessory offers distortion-free, flat frequency characteristic up to at least 6 GHz. Transient Specialists is the only authorized sale partner of Teseq/EM Test ESD simulators and accessories in the United States. These can be ordered with purchases of new equipment or order individually to supplement existing testing capabilities. 

Faster oscilloscopes enable more complete measurements and analyses of the fast ESD pulses but, of course, the rest of the components in the measurement chain must be up to the necessary standard and exhibit the appropriate frequency response. Therefore the MD 102 set offers a complete measuring path from the target to the attenuator up to the high quality coax cable. The whole path has to be left together and should not be disassembled into parts, as the whole coupling path is calibrated in one piece. The MD102 replaces the MD101 & MD103 ESD targets.

Waveform Verification Devices

Burst/EFT Pulse Verification Kit 

      • Verification/calibration kit for IEC/EN 61000-4-4
      • For peak voltages up to 8.8 kV 
      • INA 265B: 50 Ω termination
      • INA 266A: 1 kΩ termination
      • Turnkey Solution - Arrives Ready for Testing!


The Teseq CAS3025 burst/EFT pulse verification kit has been specially designed to comply with the new requirements of IEC/EN 61000-4-4:2004 to enable EMC engineers to verify their burst/EFT test generators periodically. Many EMC standards call for a verification of the test equipment before and after every test session. If the verification shows differing results, no valid test results can be assumed and the test equipment has to be re-calibrated.

Load Resistors EFT/Burst Verification

Verification Kit Features 

      • Calibration kit as per IEC 61000-4-4
      • Also used as per ISO 7637, Annex D
      • 50ohm & 1,000ohm Load Resistor Included


This product made by EM Test is a set of Adapters for verifying EFT/Burst generators. The pulse shape of EFT/burst generators designed as per IEC 61000-4-4 have to be verified both into a 50ohm and a 1,000ohm load at the 50ohm coaxial HV output as well into 50ohm load at the output of the coupling network where the DUT is connected when testing mains supply lines. The CA EFT kit includes the load resistors and a set of adapter to connect the coaxial matching resistors appropriately to the DUT output port.

Showing 1 to 9 of 24 products