UL 1023 ESD Simulators - Household Burglar-Alarm System Units

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30kV Teseq Flagship ESD Simulator

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UL 1023 ESD Simulators - Rentals and New Purchases
UL 1023 ESD Simulators - Rentals and New Purchases
This standard pertains to household burglar-alarm system equipment or units and is currently in its 7th version (2017). We provide a test solution from Teseq, the INA 4584 which can be used with the NSG 437 and NSG 438. This standard focuses on household residences and covers combination systems (fire etc). The electrostatic discharge requirements of this standard require a 250pF/1500Ω RC network. This standard references UL 985, Household Fire Warning System Units, and UL 639 for Intrusion-Detection Units. A2LA accredited calibrations on test equipment can also be facilitated upon request.