What rental periods are available?

We have one month, one week, two week, and longer duration rental periods.


If I rent for one or two weeks and then decide I need to keep it longer, can I switch to the monthly rate?

Yes, just contact us to let us know that you are keeping the unit.


When does the rental period start and end?  

We start your rental 2 days after you receive the equipment and end the rental 2 days after you send it, to allow for transit time.  Often you have the equipment at your facility the entire rental period.


What is the extra charge if I exceed the 1 month rental?

If you require the equipment longer than the initial 1 month rental, we pro-rate the charges daily, so you only pay for the extra time that you have the equipment.  The daily charge is 1/30 of the monthly rate.


Where does the equipment ship from?

Burr Ridge, IL - a suburb of Chicago


How does the equipment ship?

We can prepay and add Fedex small package (less than 60 pounds) or Fedex LTL Freight (great than 60 pounds).  You can also use the carrier of your choice on your account.


Why ship packages of 60 to 150 pounds via Freight on a pallet?

This equipment is very fragile and putting it on a pallet helps ensure that the equipment arrives at your location in good working order.


Who is responsible for the equipment while in transit?

During transit, the customer is responsible for the equipment.


Is this test equipment calibrated?

95% of our equipment includes an accredited (ISO 17025 or A2LA) calibration, and the documents are included in the shipping container.


Does this equipment include the software and connectors?

Software is normally included, though there are a few exceptions.  We make an effort to provide the connecting cords for common applications and the connectors to make cords in case you have an unusual power connection to make.


What if I have questions about set-up or operation of the equipment?

We are familiar with all of the equipment that we rent, give us a call at 630-887-0329, and we can probably talk you through the issue over the phone.  In the instances where we don't have a ready answer, we will work with the equipment supplier to get you the answer.


How do I return the equipment?

There is a job # on the packing list.  If you can write it on the outside of the package, that would be helpful.  Please send the unit back to:

Transient Specialists, Inc., 7704 S. Grant St., Burr Ridge, IL  60527

Attn: Goran Kocev   Ph: 630-887-0329