Tekbox TBMA4 - Rent Double Ridge Horn Antenna 8GHz

8 GHz Double Ridge Horn Antenna:

  • Covers 1 GHz to 8 GHz Frequency Range
  • Ideal for Emissions Pre-Compliance to CISPR 16
  • Antenna Factor from 24 to 43 dB/m Over Range
  • Typically Rented with Spectrum Analyzer & Kit
  • Includes Small Portable Tripod for Tabletop Use


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The TBMA4 is a small double ridged horn antenna, with its radiating element made from edge plated PCB substrate. The housing is made from stainless steel. It is equipped with a standard female N-connector and comes together with a “pistol-grip” tripod. A standard ¼” thread on the bottom of the antenna makes it easy to connect it to most standard tripods. Furthermore, the antenna is equipped with an indexed mounting plate on its rear. This accessory has a 6mm threaded hole in its centre and radially positioned 4mm threaded holes in 45° steps, typical for most horn antennas.

CISPR 16 divides the frequency range into several bands and defines specific antennas for each of these bands. For the frequency range above 1 GHz, CISPR 16 specifies using wideband horn antennas for radiated noise measurements. Standard wideband horn antennas for EMC applications are quite costly and cover a frequency range far wider than available on typical low cost EMC pre-compliance spectrum analyzers.

In order to provide an antenna optimized for pre-compliance EMC testing applications above 1 GHz, Tekbox designed the TBMA4 double ridged horn measurement antenna.With its moderate price, it is an affordable product for radiated noise EMC precompliance testing and generating defined field strengths. The TBMA4 is characterized from 1 GHz to 8 GHz and has a directional pattern typical for double ridged horn antennas

Data Sheet


Frequency Range

1GHz - 8 Ghz

  Antenna Factor

24 to 43dB

  Nominal impedance:

50 Ω

  Maximum Continuous Power

100 Watts


N Type Female
  Isotropic gain 6 to 14 dBi

  Front to back ratio:

 avg. 20 dB
  Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR):

< 3:1 over the entire frequency range; < 2:1 average

  Tripod Adapter Thread Size:

  Width, Height, Depth, & Weight 241mm, 153mm, 214mm, & 1.4kg

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