Solar 9554-1M/6M

Rent Variable Frequency Module
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  • Covers 1 MHz to 6 MHz Frequency Range
  • Used with Solar 9354-2/-1 Pulse Generators 
  • Meets Requirements for MIL-STD-461 CS116

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The SOLAR Type 9554- ( ) VARIABLE FREQUENCY MODULES are designed as accessories for the SOLAR Model 9354-1 TRANSIENT GENERATOR. They provide the variable frequency capability required by MIL-STD-462D, Method CS116. There is a curve showing the maximum output voltage required when measured across 50 ohms of a 100 ohm loop in MIL-STD-462D, Figure CS116-1 (Typical test setup for calibration of test waveform). This is useful in determining the peak voltage necessary to achieve the required peak current.

A graph of the maximum current per MIL-STD-462D, Figure CS116-1 is also included to aid in identifying the requirements. A graph of frequency vs. turns-count for this module is included. This aids in adjusting the frequency. The actual frequency must be determined as described in MIL-STD-462D, Figure CS116-1 (Typical test setup for calibration of test waveform).Frequency is adjusted with the turns counter on the front panel of the module. Amplitude is adjusted with the amplitude knob on the front panel of the generator (The digital display is useful as a reference but does not indicate the actual amplitude).

A switch is provided on the front panel of the generator for selecting auto or manual triggering of the output. When this is set for manual, the module is discharged by depressing the push button on the front panel of the module. Alternatively, the push button on the front panel of the generator may be used to discharge the outputs of the Module. When auto-trigger is selected, the module will repetitively discharge automatically. The pulse repetition rate is factory preset at one pps and can be adjusted inside the generator from 0.5 pps to one pps as required by MIL-STD-461D, CS116 limit (see 9354-1 manual for adjustment of pulse repetition rate). The fequency range of the module is divided into bands that are selected with the rotary switch on the front of the module.