CA ISO EM Test Resistor Box - Auto Load Dump Verification

Load Dump Verification Kit:

  • Includes all Required Load Resistor Vaues
  • Resistors with very low inductance
  • Highly accurate resistors (+/-1%)
  • Designed for EM Test Automotive Systems.

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This EM Test resistor box containing all load resistors required to verify automotive micropulse and load dump generators. In accordance with the pulse verification requirements given in Annex C of ISO 7637-2:2011 and Annex A of ISO 16750-2:2012, test pulses generated by automotive transient generators need to be verified both under no-load (open circuit verification) and loaded conditions with specified loads. The values of the load resistors is specified and are equal to the generator's internal source impedance defined for the corresponding test pulse. 

Data Sheet


Common Standards

ISO 7637-2 Annex c, ISO 16750-2 Annex A, and many other car manufacturer standards

Built-in resistor values

0.5 ohm,1 ohm, 2 ohm, 4 ohm,10 ohm,20 ohm, 50 ohm, selectable.

Resistor tolerance

+/- 1%


4mm safety lab connectors


.45 kg (1 lb)


15.24cm X 8.25cm  X 8.25cm(6” X 3.25” X 3.25)

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