EM Test OPT AW-GMW3172 - Superimposed Voltage Adapter Box

EM Test OPT AW-GMW3172:

  • Adapter Designed for Superimposed Voltage Test
  • Connected to Outputs on EM Test AutoWave
  • Designed for GMW 3172 Section 9.2.5
  • Rented with EM Test Automotive Systems

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The Standard GMW3172 includes a test item 9.2.5. named “Pulse Superimposed Voltage”. This test asks for an additional electronic circuit to get the wave shapes at the DUT output as requested in the standard. This external EM-Test solution is called OPT AW-GMW3172.
The following application note is a guide line how to correctly perform this test with EM Test equipment.

Data Sheet


Common Standards

GMW 3172 Section 9.2.5

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