Pacific Power 3450AFX

Rent 45 kVA Programmable AC & DC Source
  • Maximum 576 Volts AC & 425 Volts DC
  • Three, Split, & Single Phase Output Modes
  • Includes Single Phase Adapter Part#160086
  • 45 kVA Level Achieved with 3 AFX Units
  • Current ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration
Options Installed
DO-160 Sequences
IEC Test Suite
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The AFX Series is a family of high power, single, split and three phase, AC, DC and AC+DC output capable Power Sources. Available models range from 6 kVA to 90 kVA with available configurations to 150kVA. Using a modern user interface for ease of use, the AFX Series is cost effective and fully programmable for both basic frequency conversion and advanced AC power line or DC power disturbance test applications.

The Pacific Power Source (PPS) AFX Series® power source is designed to provide accurate, stable and clean AC or DC power to a unit under test. The PPS AFX Series® power supply can be operated from the front panel (manual mode) or using RS232, USB or LAN (Ethernet) remote control.

The performance of the AFX Series® power source models are detailed in section 4, “Technical Specifications”. Maximum voltage, current and power capability depends on the specific model. This manual covers standard AFX Series® models. Modified units are generally shipped with a manual addendum as a supplement to this manual. The manual addendum covers specific modifications from the standard model(s).

Model Number Decoder: All AFX Series models use a common model number scheme. The model decoder is shown in the diagram below. Both “L” and “AG” versions of the AFX Series are covered by this user manual. The series designation letter is the first letter following the “-2” or “-4” input voltage designation on the type label.

Nominal Range
AC: 0-300 Vac LN / 0-520Vac LL DC: 0 - 425 Vdc
Extended V Range
0-333 Vac LN / 576 Vac LL (Supplemental specifications)
Programming Resolution
0.01 V
0.25 +/-% F.S
Waveforms (200 Max.)
Sine, Square, Triangle, Clipped (THD), Arbitrary
DC Offset
< 20 mV
Harmonic Distortion (Vthd) (full, resistive load, up to 300Vrms L-N
< 100 Hz < 0.3% | 100 Hz to 500Hz < 0.5% | 500 to 1000 Hz < 1.0% | > 1000 Hz < 1.5%
Output Noise (DC to 300kHz)
< 150 mV RMS
Load Regulation
AC Mode: +/- 0.02% (CSC Mode) DC Mode: +/- 0.02%
Line Regulation
< 0.1% for 10% Line Change
Voltage Sense
External Sense, max. voltage drop 5% F.S
Voltage Slew Rate
Programmable: AC > 1.0V/us, DC > 3.0V/us
Output Isolation
Nominal Range
DC, 15.00 - 1200.0 Hz
Extended Range
1.00 - 3000.0 Hz
Programming Resolution
0.01 Hz
0.01% +/-
Current Limit - RMS and Peak Modes - 3150AFX
Crest Factor (data shown for 360AFX~3150AFX
2.5:1 @ 41.67 to 6.3:1 @ 16.67 (104Apk/phase
Programming Resolution
0.01 Arms
0.5% +/- F.S.
Current Protection (CP) Modes
Constant Current (CC) or Output Trip (CV)
Current Overload Mode
Allows 130% of max. RMS current for up to 2.0 secs before CP is triggered when enabled
Phase Angle (In 3 and 2 Phase Mode)
Programmable Phase (B, C)
0 - 359.9 Degrees
0.1 Degree
Programmable Impedance (Per AFX unit, 3 Phs Mode)
Resistance (R)
RT: +/- 100W / RMS: +/- 10W
Inductance (L)
RT: 0-50mH / RMS: 0-2000mH
Transient Programming
No. of Entries
200 Steps / 400 segments
Frequency, Volt AC, Volt DC, Waveform, Ramp Time, Dwell Time
Dwell Time Range
0.1 - 10000000.0 msec
Time Resolution
0.2 msec
Program Storage
100 Programs + Transients
Mains Voltage Form
4 Wire, L1, L2, L3 and PE
47 - 63 Hz
-2 AC Input Versions
Input Voltage Range
208Vac - 240Vac +/- 10%
Nominal Phase Current
51 Arms
Peak Inrush Current
< 1.5 x Irms
Input Power Factor
> 0.9
> 85%
Shipping H x W x D
20 x 27 x 38 Inches 508 x 686 x 965 mm
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