Please return your rental equipment to:

Transient Specialists, Inc. 
7704 S. Grant Street
Burr Ridge, IL 60527
Ph: 630 887 0329

Please reference Returns and your Job Number if you can find it on your paperwork.

The rental period ends when the unit arrives on our dock in good condition. However, if you can send the unit back 2nd day, we will not charge any additional rental for the 2 days it is in transit. For additional questions about this policy please reference the Standard Terms page.

Special Instructions for Freight – greater than 70 pounds: 

Our equipment weighing more than 70 pounds is sent on a pallet due to the delicate electronics and the weight of the equipment. Please return it on a pallet via a freight carrier. Sending equipment anyway other than freight has proven to cause damage to equipment and could inure additional costs associated with the rental.


Transient Specialists, minus a few exceptions, does not cover shipping costs to the end user. We are happy to facilitate shipments on our FedEx account for transportation upon request and bill the corresponding amount. Often times, our team is able to setup a bill of lading (BOL) allowing for pickup seamless pickup of returning equipment. Transient Specialists is not responsible for any incidental fees, damage to equipment, or any other costs associated with shipping. The rental period of the equipment starts when the equipment leaves the Transient Specialists location. Additional information on shipping, including any questions should be referred to the Transient Specialists team or the Standard Terms. 

Preferred Transportation - Transient Specialists, given the nature of the rental industry, has found that FedEx is best able to handle the delicate and time sensitive nature of the equipment. It is preferred, whenever possible, to ship the equipment on pallets whenever possible to minimize shipping damages and additional time charges. For questions about using FedEx or about shipping generally, see contact below.


  • Shipping unless otherwise specified falls upon customer
  • Transient Specialists does not assume liability for shipping
  • Preferred method of shipping FedEx 


Shipping Contact:

Goran Kocev
Transient Specialists