EMC Instruments CG 100/500 Conducted Comb Generator 100kHz-400MHz

400MHz Comb Generator:

  • Designed for Conducted Emission Setup Verification
  • Frequency Range: 100 kHz - 400 MHz
  • Frequency step: 100 kHz or 500 kHz switchable
  • IEC320 C14, RJ11, RJ45 Connectors for ISN
  • Ideal Reference Source for LISNs/ISN

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The CG100/500 Conducted Comb Generators are reference signal sources for testing Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISN). CG100/500 output has the harmonics of the fundamental frequency specified by the step size.Has two switchable frequency step sizes the 100 kHz and 500kHz frequency steps.

This allows checks and investigations on conducted measurement systems to be made, for example using a LISN or RJ11,RJ45 standard connectors for conducted measurements using an ISN. CG100/500 have high impedance to external line voltage AC or DC up to 230 V. This feature allows the Comb Generator to be used while the LISNs are connected to external power source.

CG100/500 is powered by a rechargeable internal battery and external power cable connection. When fully charged, the battery allows continuous operation of up to 16 hours. The Conducted Comb Generator is included with a battery charger,USB cable accessories are shipped in a wooden storage box.

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Frequency Range: 

100kHz - 400MHz

Frequency Step:

100kHz/500kHz switchable

Charging time:


Usage time:

16 Hours



Net Weight:


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