ETS-Lindgren 3142E

Rent BiConiLog Antenna 30 MHz - 6 GHz
  • Frequency Range 30 MHz to 6 GHz
  • Ideal for Sweeping Across Frequency Range
  • Average 2:1 VSWR Above 50 MHz
  • Individually Calibrated per ANSI C63.5
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ETS-Lindgren's Model 3142E BiConiLog antenna enables users to measure a frequency range of 30 MHz to 6 GHz in one sweep, negating the need for multiple antennas and time-consuming equipment setup. Accuracy and repeatability are improved, while time and money are saved. This BiConiLog is designed as a dual-purpose antenna that can be used for both immunity and emission testing.

The 3142E antenna increases the upper frequency limit to accommodate the new upper limit of 6 GHz included in the IEC 61000-4-3 standard. The average VSWR is 2:1 above 50 MHz, an excellent level at this low frequency for an antenna this  size. Emission measurements can be performed without having to change antennas. For immunity measurements, the 3142E covers the typical 80 MHz to 6 GHz range. The model 3142E comes with a bracket that accepts either a 1/4 in 20 thread screw or rear stinger mount

Frequency Range
80 MHz - 300MHz
Antenna Factor
-23 to 2.8 dBI
Maximum Continuous Power
300 Watts
50 Ohm
Max Radiated Field:
20 V/m
N-Type, Female
Mounting Base:
1/4 - 20 Thread, female