LV124 EM Test System - OEM Automotive Solution (100Amp)

EM Test OEM Automotive Solution(100Amp):

  • Many Pulses of OEM LV124 (Some LV148)
  • Includes -  Autowave, PA 5840, Accessory Kit
  • Can Rent Invidiual Components or Complete Systems
  • Laptop & ISO 17025 Calibration Included


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LV 124 & LV 148 Systems



This is a combination system of the Teseq PA 5840 (100amp or less), Autowave, LV 124 calibration fixtures, and a laptop. It is designed to test for LV 124 for a variety of required pulses up to 100amps. This equipment can be rented as a turnkey solution, or individually as individual components to supplement existing capabilities. This test system comes with an ISO 17025 accredited calibration and laptop to facilitate a turnkey solution.


Application Note - LV 124 Data Sheet - PA 5840 Data Sheet - Autowave



Output Voltage

10V, unipolar or bipolar

Output Channels

2 Channels


16 Bit


DC – 50 kHz


DC Voltage, Sine wave, Sine wave sweep, Square wave, Triangular wave, Sawtooth wave, Ramp up/ Ramp down, Exponential wave

Segment Duration


Number of Segments

100 per waveform


6kg (13.22lbs)


100mm  x 380mm x 390mm

Packing List/Accessories

Included with Rental

Below you will find a list of common accessories that you can expect to be delivered with the equipment. This is a generic standard list and should you require an exact connector or accessory please contact us prior to order shipping. The laptop that comes with the battery supply generator also come with ISO control software allowing for a quick, turnkey solution.


EM Test Autowave

    • Automotive Signal Generator 
    • Printed Manual
    • Calibration Documentation 
    • Short Introduction 
    • Software on USB Power Cord 
    • Ethernet Cable
    • Back Keeper
    • BNC Cord 
    • Shipping Case


EM Test VDS 200N

    • Battery Simulator/Generator  
    • Power Cable
    • USB Interface Cable
    • Printed Manual
    • Calibration Documentation 
    • Short Introduction
    • USB Drive with License & Software
    • 125V Plug
    • (2) MC Connector Cable (red & black)
    • (2) Clamps Red & Black
    • Red Shipping Case


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