NSG 437 Auto Rent & Buy New - Automotive 30kV ESD Simulator

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NSG 437 Auto Rent & Buy New - Automotive 30kV ESD Simulator

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Automotive ESD Gun Features

      • Automotive Teseq ESD Series - 30kV (100V Steps)
      • ISO 10605 & IEC 61000-4-2 Test Solution
      • Buy/Rent from Sole US Distributor!
      • Includes 4 Networks for Single Unit Solution
      • 150pf/330Ω, 330pf/330Ω, 150pf/2kΩ, & 330pf/2KΩ
      • Discharge detector, Adjustable +/- Polarity
      • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty on New Purchases
      • All Rentals - ISO 17025 Cal & 2 Days Transit Time


The NSG 437 Auto is a variation on the popular 30kV Teseq series of ESD simulators/Guns. Rent and Buy it today from the only authorized sale partner of Teseq ESD simulators in the United States. This simulator/gun is provides testing to IEC 61000-4-2, ISO 10605, and many manufacturer standards. It comes standard with an ISO 17025 accredited calibration and up to two free days for transit. The three additional networks that are included with the standard NSG 437 simulator and 150pf/330Ω network are the 330pf/330Ω, 150pf/2kΩ, and 330pf/2KΩ.


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