A.H. Systems SAS-544 - Rent 300 MHz Biconical Antenna

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High Field Biconical Antenna:

  • 20 MHz to 300 MHz; 300 Watt Continuous Limit  
  • Atenna Factor 6 to 21 dB, 20 V/m Max
  • Ideal for Lower Frequencies of IEC 61000-4-3
  • Rugged Construction & N-Type, Female
  • Rent Signal Gen, Amplifiers, & E-Field Probes


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The SAS-544 Biconical Antenna is designed with a coaxial wound balun for increased power capability and intended for both transmitting and receiving high electromagnetic RF fields. This Biconical antenna may be used for radiating immunity measurements. Whether testing in a shielded enclosure, or outdoors, the rugged construction of the A.H. Systems Biconical antenna will ensure long life, and reliable performance.

Data Sheet


Frequency Range

80 MHz - 300MHz

  Antenna Factor

6 to 21 dB/


-23 to 2.8 dBI

  Maximum Continuous Power

300 Watts


50 Ohm


Max Radiated Field: 20 V/m


N-Type, Female
Mounting Base: ¼ - 20 Thread, female

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